Official News

This section is meant for Official News about PIVX and related areas. The intent is to provide a clean area to read up on whats been going on lately, so no spamming here please.

Budget & Governance Proposals

Use this area to both submit and discuss proposals you intend on putting up to a community vote for funding. Discussion and planning should occur in the Pre-Proposal Discussions section.

Articles & News

An area for blog posts, articles & general news about not only PIVX but blockchain technology in general.

Off Topic

Keeping the trolls at bay since the inception of the internet. The infamous off topic area is for anything you want to discuss.


A place to buy & sell goods and services within our decentralized community.


Need assistance with something? Post here. (Discord is much more responsive for support, just saying.)

Bugs & Feedback

Please report any PIVX or website related bugs and/or feedback here.

Alternative Currencies

This section is for discussion of anything related to other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Ethereum, Steem and anything else!


Looking to trade currencies without an exchange? Buy, Sell & Trade here.

PIVX Worldwide

Every language that requests it gets their own sub-forum.

Community Designed Governance

The Masternode Owners unanimously voted YES in a landslide to ACCEPT the CDG - MNO Approval proposal to add the following to the website.