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  1. Yoloman

    COIN.HOST - Dedicated servers and VPS hosting - PIVX accepted is only $5 per MasterNode Hosting/Month . you want us to pay $8.51/Month for a MasterNode Hosting. No Thanks. also have fast Support & helpful & friendly.
  2. Yoloman

    How Secure is Kucoin Exchange?

    in 2020 , i would stay away from any centralized exchange. . use Uni-Swap, its a DEX with trading volume better than CoinBase PRO Exchange (Centralized )
  3. Yoloman

    What is PIVX?

    according to , total PIV supply is at 64 million right now. please help me out. its hard to know what source to trust. and in this article you say 55 million PIV.
  4. Yoloman

    Active TranslationV2

    just voted , thank for your post
  5. Yoloman

    How to Vote ?

    i am new with all this, just setup up a masternode "SPMT" now i need a guide on how to vote , etc. with pictures,
  6. Yoloman

    Guide How to Setup Cold Staking With Ledger Hardware Wallet

    Do I need to leave the software running 24/7 ? Inorder to keep receiving the rewards ?