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  1. Eric_Stanek

    Active [Alliance] AllianceAllnodes [/Alliance]

    I have a number of concerns: 1. Spammy content: I've heard feedback from some that the Bot messages are very spammy. Since this service is already being offered on other Discords, perhaps screen shots could be added here so we know what to expect? 2. Verification? The proposal makes the...
  2. Eric_Stanek

    Active Breakthrough Blockchain Foundation + PIVX Alliance

    Ah. Makes sense. Reports should be here.
  3. Eric_Stanek

    Active Breakthrough Blockchain Foundation + PIVX Alliance

    Have not seen ANY reporting yet, even though monthly and weekly reporting was promised. Have not seen any progress yet either. Funds are really tight this month. This proposal is the most expensive aside from the developer proposal. So, without any update/report, it is a pretty good target for...
  4. Eric_Stanek

    Draft PR Content Writer/Editor 3

    Should add the vote hash here! Also, not a Pre-Proposal anymore.
  5. Eric_Stanek

    Draft [Alliance] PIVX x Merge [/Alliance]

    Lots of great stuff has been delivered already in an 'un-official' scenario. Would love to see what more comes once we make it official.
  6. Eric_Stanek

    PIVX Cold Staking

    There is another risk. We see that there are almost 1,600 Masternodes. However, at most - for popular proposals - there typically 550 votes. That means there are just over 1,000 Masternodes that are basically 'cold staking' albeit in a more complex way. So, once cold staking is available, will...
  7. Eric_Stanek

    PIVX Cold Staking

    First off - THANKS for initiating this discussion! Awesome work. Glad to see this new functionality being added! Question: What are the plans for the rewards? I would think that to mitigate the above listed CON of centralized power, and to make sure their is always enough 'hot' staking to...
  8. Eric_Stanek

    Ready for Review PIVX Coast 2 Coast Australia (Sept 2019 – Sept 2020)

    Ya. The whole 'Provision of Four PIVX masternodes' makes it sound like the funding is at the very least 10K PIV per month for 4 months. I am glad to hear this is stretched out over 12 months, and that there will be phases/milestones along the way. Sounds more promising now.
  9. Eric_Stanek

    Ready for Review PIVX Coast 2 Coast Australia (Sept 2019 – Sept 2020)

    Overall I like the proposal. Seems expensive though. Also light on details. I think it is OK to say something like 'Ideally we want each recipient to create a Masternode and spend the rewards' but it is hard to provide transparency that way. Need to see a break down on how many PIV is request in...
  10. Eric_Stanek

    Active BizDev Proposal - John M

    @PIVXJohn Thanks for all you do! It would be awesome if we could know all the 'big things coming down the pipe' in advance, but I realize that NDAs prevent that. But, the track record is there and so is the trust. Glad to see a long list of items done and/or being worked on. These types of...
  11. Eric_Stanek

    Active PIVX System Administration and Support Management - Jeffrey

    @Jeffrey Glad to see this. It has been a long time coming. I know that when most people would have 'thrown in the towel' and gone to get a 'day job', you stuck with PIVX and went many months with no funding at all. Most people don't know this, but when the massive correction hit, the state of...
  12. Eric_Stanek

    Active Business Development Proposal (Jul-Sept 19): Snappy

    Looks great @Snappy . I would really appreciate an addition to the proposal though. We need to clone you. ;)
  13. Eric_Stanek

    Draft Contest for PIVX Press Community Host

    I think first we need to get a list of people willing to participate. Would be awesome if multiple people rotated the task too. So, instead of being the ONE person who has to do a video every 2 weeks, it could be 4 people, each who need to produce a video once every 2 months? Might also be a...
  14. Eric_Stanek

    Draft Treasury Donation Address

    Not sure I follow everything. But, it was expected that it would be significant work and may take some time to reach the top of the priority list, especially given the current roadmap. No worries there. What will happen for at least the next 2 superblocks, is that the process in this...
  15. Eric_Stanek

    Draft Treasury Donation Address

    If people want to donate to a Charity, they are free to do so. But setting some aside would complicate things dramatically. It has been discussed before with the current treasury. The same arguments apply here. It would need a 2nd voting system to maintain the list of charities. The goal with...
  16. Eric_Stanek

    Draft PIVX marketing on my youtube channel (and social media channels)

    Can you give us a starting point? For example, what would the cost be for X number of videos that are approx Y minutes long and promoted on all your channels? What is your process for creating videos? Do you do all the research yourself, or does the material need to be provided? How are topics...
  17. Eric_Stanek

    Archived [Pre-Proposal] PIVX Dev Funding (May-July 2019)

    Proposal looks great. Wondering what happened with the line item from the previous proposal for 4,575 PIV for Development Servers though. Is there a separate proposal for that coming?
  18. Eric_Stanek

    Archived PIVX Dev April 2019

    Glad to see this new proposal! Questions: Q1: The test net nodes are pretty much all Masternodes. Just barely over half of them are running 3.2. (70915) The rest are running 3.1 (70914) Is there another testnet or did we just test BIP 65 to ~ 50% only? Q2: Also, running the testnet...
  19. Eric_Stanek

    Draft Treasury Donation Address

    Governance Proposal: Treasury Donation Address PLEASE NOTE: This is a Protocol Proposal and not the typical Treasury Proposal. BACKGROUND: Given this is the FIRST Protocol Proposal, it is probably best that I include a reference to what that exactly is. In 2017, the "CDG: Multiple...