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  1. Jeffrey

    Active ZENZO Alliance P2

    Title: ZENZO Alliance Phase 2 Name: ZENZO_Phase2 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 2500 Total Amnt: 7500 Author: Jeffrey Receiver:ZENZO Address: DBiwCnKo7uggkbQ4gcZSCZbZU9aMFrqXfj Status: Pre-Proposed Proposal Introduction / Overview: This proposal is an extension to our already passed and active...
  2. Jeffrey

    Active PIVX System Administration and Support Management - Jeffrey

    Title: PIVX System Administration and Support Management Name: Sys-Admin-Support-201906 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 6000 Total Amnt: 18000 Author: Jeffrey Receiver:Jeffrey Address: D9FUWwn73mkwTNs28wWuCtwt2zNHtD5pqq Status: Proposed Introduction: This proposal will be the first official...
  3. Jeffrey

    How can I start staking? (Universal)

    Here is a Video how to start staking: (video) Staking should begin automatically under most circumstances, but if you are experiencing issues check that the following conditions are met: Chain must be synced, not importing or reindexing Chain tip’s timestamp must be past a certain time (was...
  4. Jeffrey

    How to troubleshoot staking activation

    Symptoms My wallet is running, but staking does not appear to be active. In the pivx-qt (graphical/GUI) wallet the arrow is not green or in pivx-cli (command line/CLI) getinfo says staking is not active. Solution As a first step, please verify that you meet all staking conditions on this...
  5. Jeffrey

    How to Enable Coin Control

    Once the wallet is loaded click settings, options. Then click Wallet and check the box enable coin controls features. Now close click ok. Coin Control is located on the Send tab and you just click Inputs… This popped up window will display all coins and how many coin stacks and...
  6. Jeffrey

    How to use deterministic zerocoin generation.

    What is deterministic zPIV Generation? Zerocoins, or zPIV, are now deterministically generated using a unique 256 bit seed. Each wallet will generate a new seed on its first run. The deterministic seed is used to generate a string of zPIV that can be recalculated at any time using the seed...
  7. Jeffrey

    How to backup or restore your zPIV seed

    What is a zPIV seed? PIVX's dzPIV (deterministic zPIV) technology greatly simplifies your backup scheme. Instead of a new backup after every mint, you can back up the seed once and you'll have a failsafe copy for all activity based on that seed in case it's ever needed. For more information...
  8. Jeffrey

    How to back up pivx wallet

    This is a tutorial video on how to backup your PIVX Wallet. Ensuring you backup your wallet will prevent you from: losing your coins from any computer hardware, wallet errors and any other sorts of issues/errors. Having a secure backup is the only way to retrieve your coins from any computer...
  9. Jeffrey

    Archived Video Marketing Initiative - K&A

    Hi All, Angelo (and Kelsey) here. We’ve been longtime supporters of PIVX, love the project, community, and vision. We’re now in a place where we can selectively work with, and choose to support blockchain projects…and PIVX is our goto. Looking forward to being of use, and painting 2019 Purple...
  10. Jeffrey

    Archived Dev-Fuel-2019 V1 - Dev Pay increase

    Dev-Fuel-2019V1 NOTE: At this time, this is on hold, since we've been told the devs are submitting their own proposal. Purpose: Pay the PIVX Core Development Team well, and add clarity. Background: The existing proposal ‘dev-fuel-4’ is actually a much older proposal that has since been...
  11. Jeffrey

    Resolved Test 2

  12. Jeffrey

    Open Help

    Test Test test
  13. Jeffrey

    PIVX Core Wallet 3.2.0 Mandatory Release (03/31/2019)

    PIVX Core Wallet 3.2.0 Mandatory Release (03/31/2019) Mandatory PIVX 3.2.0 core wallet update has been released with multiple feature additions, core improvements, GUI changes, performance enhancements, security updates, and bug fixes. Some highlight changes are: BIP 65 aka Atomic Swaps support...
  14. Jeffrey

    Bug Bounty Program Introduction

    The PIVX bug bounty program is an effort to provide researchers with options to submit and discuss their findings via multiple channels. This forum provides a place where people can ask questions about the bounty program.