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  1. fuzzbawls

    Active ZENZO Alliance P2

    What is the total monthly cost of the upgraded server? or asked differently: what percentage of the actual server costs is the 500 PIV intended to cover?
  2. fuzzbawls

    Active PR Content Writer/Editor 3

    Please follow the formatting guidelines pinned post
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    Active PIVX Dev Servers (Aug - Oct 2019)

    Title: PIVX Dev Servers (Aug - Oct 2019) Name: DevServersAugOct2019 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 825 PIV Total Amnt: 2475 PIV Author: Fuzzbawls Receiver: Fuzzbawls Address: DFAWTcfSn3sv8pj5sPcYw2xsGdJWGzfzFs Created: 2019-07-19 Status: Active Vote Hash...
  4. fuzzbawls

    Active PIVX Core Dev Funding (Aug - Oct 2019)

    Title: PIVX Dev Funding (Aug-Oct 2019) Name: PIVX-Dev-AugOct2019 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 27500 PIV Total Amnt: 82500 PIV Author: Fuzzbawls Receiver: Fuzzbawls Address: DSzmDVFAMAUELrCMkRVYUgRpSmwVFwEkHa Created: 2019-07-19 Status: Active Vote Hash...
  5. fuzzbawls

    Archived BizDev Proposal - John M

    @PIVXJohn have a look at for formatting/content guidelines. I also changed the thread's prefix to "Pending Submission" as "Active" is reserved only for proposals that have already been submitted to the network...
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    Archived PIVX SPORTS AMBASSADOR: Leading Australian Female Triathlete (And Olympic Contender) - Maighan Brown

    lets try to keep proposals to a maximum of 3 term cycles at a time
  7. fuzzbawls

    Archived PIVX Português BlockCrypto2019

    can you reformat this post to follow the guidelines in please?
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    Draft Food Truck PIVX

    moving this to pre-proposal section... please edit it to adhere to the formatting guidelines linked in my previous post.
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    Draft Food Truck PIVX

    I don't see this in the list of active proposals on the network, if this is a pre-proposal, you should post this in the appropriate section. Also, please be explicit in your cost breakdown, stating an exact PIV value to be distributed to each cost item, rather than a percentage. See...
  10. fuzzbawls

    Draft PIVX Softball Team

    I think you may be confused about the cycle length. Our budget cycles are roughly every ~30 days, not every week. You also need to give a complete and concise accounting breakdown of exactly where the requested funds would be going.
  11. fuzzbawls

    Archived New QT Wallet Marketing Campaign

    Should move this to Pre-Proposal section. 4.0 is still a ways off so might want to consider spreading this out over multiple cycles too as the need isn't immediate. Edit: also, please try to follow the formatting guidelines, having that code block at the very top with the short-stat details is...
  12. fuzzbawls

    Draft Treasury Donation Address

    Going to jump in here and clarify that the budget/proposal system currently in place holds absolutely zero weight over protocol/network level changes, no matter how honorable such changes may be or what was stated in the past. I wasn't quite involved when the proposal you reference was submitted...
  13. fuzzbawls

    Draft PIVX marketing on my youtube channel (and social media channels)

    Please see
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    Draft Team PIVX

    please see so you can expand on your idea in full.
  15. fuzzbawls

    Guide Guidelines for submitting a Pre-Proposal

    PIVX Budget Pre-Proposal Submission Guidelines As part of the budget proposal process, it is often a good idea for proposal creators to get feedback on their idea prior to spending PIV on submitting a proposal to the network. In order to facilitate this need, we have set up this forum as a...
  16. fuzzbawls

    Archived Electrum Wallet 2nd Attempt

    you should update the voting commands to use `mnbudgetvote` and `getbudgetinfo`. Also, I don't see any consideration given to running/maintaining the required (and centralized) ElectrumX server(s) that would be needed for the client wallets to even function. If this proposal is simply to...
  17. fuzzbawls

    Archived [Pre-Proposal] PIVX Dev Funding (May-July 2019)

    Closing thread. further comments should be directed to the (non pre-proposal) thread
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    Archived PIVX Dev Funding (May-July 2019)

    Title: PIVX Dev Funding (May-July 2019) Name: PIVX-Dev-MayJul2019 Term: 3 Cycles Author: Fuzzbawls Receiver: Fuzzbawls Address: DSzmDVFAMAUELrCMkRVYUgRpSmwVFwEkHa Created: 2019-05-06 Status: Proposed Abstract This document outlines the funding for the PIVX Dev Team, including who is to be...
  19. fuzzbawls

    Archived [Pre-Proposal] PIVX Dev Funding (May-July 2019)

    Will be a separate proposal, but still needing to work out specifics so it's not ready yet :( If an individual wishes to disclose such information, that is their choice. There are no plans to require such information to be disclosed though.