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  1. Jeffrey

    Upgraded 4.0, stuck on wrong chain

    Hi @300bps our latest snapshots are stored on
  2. Jeffrey

    Resolved Wallet won't sync beyond block 2153066

    Thanks @palmtree will mark as solved.
  3. Jeffrey


    Are you referring to the mobile wallet @serg527
  4. Jeffrey

    PIVX-4.0.1 - Staking Not Active from CLI

    Glad to hear all is solved! please open another ticket should you require further assistance.
  5. Jeffrey

    Wallet 4.0.1 is freezing

    HI @colinjock Has your spend gone through? Please also update to 4.0.2
  6. Jeffrey

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.0.0 Mandatory Release (28/12/2019)

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.0.0 Mandatory Release (28/12/2019) This has been one of the longest awaited releases for PIVX, Introducing the most user friendly UI ever as well as Cold Staking and much more! Changes for this release: New Wallet UI Cold Staking Multi-Split Stake Splitting V1 zPIV Spending...
  7. Jeffrey

    I just found a PIVX Staking Calculator

    There are a few staking calculators out there and they are all rough estimates.
  8. Jeffrey

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  9. Jeffrey

    wallet- doesn't synchronize

    Hey Emily was your issue ever resolved? also make sure you are now updated to version 4.
  10. Jeffrey

    are there paper wallets available or others

    Our wallet is available on mobile (Coinomi / Official PIVX Mobile) or you can use hardware wallets and any small SBC(single Board computer) should run it just fine.
  11. Jeffrey

    PIVX 4.0.0 coldstaking is networkly disabled :-(

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will report them to the team. And yep cold staking is now active only in testnet.
  12. Jeffrey

    Active PIVXpress + DYK 2020v1

    Title: PIVXpress + DYK 2020V1 Name: PIVXpress2020v1 Term: 3 Cycle Amnt: 3000 PIV Total Amnt: 9000 PIV Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey + Rhubarbarian Address: DBT3PdoJgXgY5T1oLUnqXv6TrnWrKk4zBD Status: Proposed Introduction: 2020 is around the corner, Version 4.0 has been released and...
  13. Jeffrey

    Active PIVX System Administration and Support Management V3- Jeffrey

    Title: PIVX System Administration and Support Management V3 Name: SystemAdmin201912 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 5000 Total Amnt: 15000 Author: Jeffrey Receiver:Jeffrey Address: DGdW5HPKeCytty8jkNHgGxJE9H9cArBhjR Status: Proposed Introduction: Hi everyone, Thank you for taking your time to look...
  14. Jeffrey

    Open Warning: Peers are Being Disconnected Due to Time Differernces

    :) figured I assisted you already via support ticket on freshdesk? Timesync is a great tool. Let me know if you require any further assistance.
  15. Jeffrey

    KuCoin ( who that heard good or bad about them)

    Kucoin, In my opinion is a great exchange. If his coins were stolen that may have been due to him using insecure passwords and no 2fa.
  16. Jeffrey

    PIVX Repos

    Great suggestion and questions. I'm going to tag some developers here for review. Also welcome to our Forum! @furszy @fuzzbawls
  17. Jeffrey

    Pivx shut down on Linux VPS

    Hi there, Seeing as this is a late response was this issue resolved? You can speedup the sync process by using a snapshot
  18. Jeffrey

    Hi @Emily_pivx Please join our Discord by going to and messaging me...

    Hi @Emily_pivx Please join our Discord by going to and messaging me @Jeffrey in the #support channel so i can solve your issue.
  19. Jeffrey

    Ended PIVX Core Dev Funding (Nov - Dec 2019)

    Great work! You devs are awesome. Perhaps add an address allowing community to also donate.