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May '18

Hello Pivians, my name is John M and I am the Exchange Coordinator for PIVX. It has been my job to get PIVX listed on as many exchanges, payment processors and services as possible. When we get a new exchange or service, it greatly helps PIVX adoption and helps the world become a little more purple.
Now, that being said, Integrations are prohibitively expensive in most cases. Usually, it costs anywhere between $50 000 - $1 000 000 USD. Exchanges or services will ask for either a direct listing fee, or “marketing fees” which means we give them a bunch of PIVX to do airdrops and draw people in to their exchange, or to use their service.
As we know, PIVX was not an ICO and is not erc-20 – So we need a way to compete for exchange resources to get us listed while competing against projects that have extra money to pay for exchange listings.
Until now, we have had to rely on the great support of the general community, or a generous whale or two to help get the job done. While this helped us get some awesome listings; However, this is not a sustainable model and can only work for so long.
We need to create a fund from the monthly budget in order to help cover these fees and empower PIVX to be in a better position to work on multiple deals at the same time.
Plan of Action
I am putting in a proposal in the amount of 4000 PIVX monthly to go into the exchange fund. This is a realistic number that is still on the lower end for what is needed, but enables us to have some power in negotiations.
Things that this would cover include :
  • Paying Direct Listing Fees
  • Paying for Exchange Marketing
  • Paying for Airdrops
  • Paying for my travel to any negotiations that need to take place if they cannot be handled online
  • Covering any integration costs that Exchanges or Services may ask for
  • Payment for any legal letters or correspondence required by exchanges and/or services
  • Covering any extra fees for more fiat pairings
As the fund pool grows, it opens us up bigger and better opportunities. I am known for my negotiating and interpersonal skills and I strive to get PIVX the lowest fees possible. These items on the list are still costly, even with the discounted prices. For this reason, I feel it is imperative to set up a fund pool to help with this as we move forward.
Thank you everyone in the community for your amazing amount of help with suggesting places to work with, and helping to fund what we have accomplished so far. We have done very well. Let’s paint the world more purple with every new listing we get – and help bring PIVX to the level it deserves to be.
Thank you in advance for your consideration,
John M
Exchange Coordinator
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“mnbudget vote-many aac8c0bfb9bb185018e6e2d94e68ada30038b34fcda28e233a8bc29b19871a1c yes” to vote in favor
“mnbudget vote-many aac8c0bfb9bb185018e6e2d94e68ada30038b34fcda28e233a8bc29b19871a1c no” to vote against
"mnbudget getinfo BizDevFund to check the status