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    Is the masternode vote the final vote?

    Masternodes olny vote where funds are going. Regarding other decisions each active PIVX member has 1 vote no matter if he has masternode or not. MY 2 PIVs
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    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    Update: 1. We currently began to translate additional content for the website into all languages that are already published. 2. Indonesian translation is done and currently being checked for errors before implementation
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    Archived Web Development and Design 2021-Q1

    Those guys deserve be paid 6k-8k per month, as they prepare awesome job! I really hope that soon with price increase we will have that option.
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    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    Website is translated to French - link
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    Pivx.Poker Development

    Would be good , if you could find good devs for that, not freelancers,as projects developed by PIVX should be good from both technology and design. Just my 2 PIVs. Can comment from design point of view - it's to standard.. i would make it more attractive. But overally , i like where it is going
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    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    thanks Zetty! Aaaand is now available in Korean - link and Portuguese - link!
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    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    Spanish done - link
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    Archived TranslationV2

    Chinese is done -
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    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    Title: PIVXorgTranslation Name: PIVXorgTranslation Term: 4 cycles Cycle Amount: 2400 Total Amount: 9600 Author: PM Receiver: PM Address: DGrpJ7ckFNouTxCYhiw4dU2sqG1MixwtkA Created: November 16, 2020 Status: Proposal Dear PIVX community! We continue to translate our updated website to...
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    Archived TranslationV2

    Updates: Our updated website was translated to German and Russian. Spanish, Chinese are mostly done Japanese and Portuguese (Br. just started)
  11. PIVX Member (PM) Website 2.0

    Hey palmtree, if you will need help on design (UI/UX) , let me know, will be happy to help
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    Archived PIVX Spanish Social Media

    Awesome! Go go go Zetty! :))
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    Budget Proposals Reports

    Reports from each department are sent to Project Manager who write montlhy report summarizing of what was done by each department. Simple
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    Budget Proposals Reports

    I hope to address the desires of all of us - where exactly we ultimately see PIVX. Ultimate goals: 1. Confidential currency used worldwide 2. A currency whose price does not change depending on the price of Bitcoin or political games. 3. Currency with real use cases 4. A currency with a true...
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    PIVX Starter - Easy & Transparent Crypto Crowdfunding

    Those who donates receive % from income?
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    PIVX Starter - Easy & Transparent Crypto Crowdfunding

    Had that idea while ago. I'm all in. Have couple ideas for my business - but i need PIVX starter :P
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    Archived PIVX Infrastructure Management + Support Lead V5- Jeffrey

    Great proposal! And thanks for helping on guides creation for the new updated website!
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    Archived ArticlePicksForPIVX

    Monthly update: 1. Article Staking PIVX. The best way to make a passive income right now. 2. Article 6 reasons to accept PIVX as an alternative payment method. Additionally, worked on the content for the new updated PIVX website
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    Archived TranslationV2

    Title: TranslationV2 Name: TranslationV2 Term: 3 cycles Cycle Amount: 2400 Total Amount: 7200 Author: PM Receiver: PM Address: DGrpJ7ckFNouTxCYhiw4dU2sqG1MixwtkA Created: September 1, 2020 Status: Proposal Dear PIVX community! As price for PIVX increased , we decided to decrease...
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    Archived TranslationV1--Vote down

    Please vote down current proposal, I will make new one with updated numbers, so it could pass with current available budget. Thanks!