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  1. Jeffrey

    Are you a C++ Developer?

    Can you share your GitHub. Also our GitHub is public so it’s advisable to prove yourself by resolving issues or finding areas to contribute to
  2. Jeffrey

    Draft Poloniex + PIVX listing

    Title: wenPolo Name: wenPolo Term: 1 Cycle Cycle Amount: TBD Total Amount: TBD Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: Status: Pre-proposed Vote Hash: GOOOOOOOD Day PIVIANS! This may be the longest and most anticipated exchange listing to date! Infact PIVX had an original goal to...
  3. Jeffrey


    I think his way is a good way forward that makes it easier to bring on the team and grow it without them needing delay further and wait for proposals. His due diligence when reviewing these team members will be the controlling factor. We did it before where each ambassador was asked to almost be...
  4. Jeffrey

    Active Marketing - RedByrd

    Having @LeacyMcK @Hawtch and @Robin here is a dream team! Looking forward to seeing all of you work together to push PIVX forward. I will do my part to keep you all up to date with what I am working on so content can be created, curated, planned and posted in time.
  5. Jeffrey

    Active CoinStore+LBank MM renewal

    Title: MM-renew Name: MM-renew Term: 1 Cycle Cycle Amount: 33,460 PIVX Total Amount: 33,460 PIVX Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DJfxoPJKaAaYxpYcTPvK5ZYjk58J5sw4ak Status: Active Vote Hash: e7408d2037792af2690277f610c2a3bc693ef06bbdd7a0fecbb77d36ae4e22fe Whats good PIVX!? It's that...
  6. Jeffrey

    Active CoinBureau Article

    CoinBureau is a trusted source for all things crypto, To ensure that our information out there is precise, up to date and reaching the right audience I highly recommend this proposal be voted YES. Thank you @LeacyMcK
  7. Jeffrey

    Active Bitmart x PIVX listing

    Title: BitMart_Listing Name: BitMart_Listing Term: 1 Cycle Amount: 144,687 PIVX Total Amount: 144,687 PIVX Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DMYKfp5hPKaNtzjDRAmmf32CKURf9EPZpZ Status: active Vote Hash: 2d044c1e6ff69da2c681c13195cfb4ddaecd0fb5f2429645da47152da35db301 Hi everyone...
  8. Jeffrey

    Active LOBD6 - Jeffrey

    Title: Lead of Business Development06 Name: BusinessDev06 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amount: 30,000 Total Amount: 90,000 Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DHfMc81XkPwkF11vW1hhhFLNPqgBBp87BL Status: Active Vote Hash: Hello PIVIANS! This marks the 6th renewal of my proposal to fund my role...
  9. Jeffrey

    Ended XT perps + supplemental

    Proposal has been resubmitted for 62,300 PIVX under the name XT_MAIN1 New hash published
  10. Jeffrey

    Ended XT perps + supplemental

    Please do not vote for this proposal yet. I will resubmit and ask for a lower amount to make space for a proposal today by @talhatr
  11. Jeffrey

    Ended XT perps + supplemental

    Title: XT_supp XT_MAIN1 Name: XT_supp T XT_MAIN1 Term: 1 Cycle Amount: 75 000 PIVX 62 300 PIVX Total Amount: 75 000 PIVX 62 300 PIVX Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DP19RLowv5QzFJpAdETuwsAcvbJPdEoAsH Status: active Vote Hash...
  12. Jeffrey

    Ended PIVX - BITStorage Listing

    Title: BITStorage_Listing Name: BITStorage_Listing Term: 1 Cycle Amount: 8433 PIVX Total Amount: 8433 PIVX Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DMhqDqj2BTDnhvLTTr9JDHpohuFd5GAAFN Status: active Vote Hash: Brief Introduction: Hello everyone, Please allow me to introduce you to my...
  13. Jeffrey

    Ended PIVX - KoinBX Listing

    Great question, Let me try make this an important request as we should have the 2-3 popular languages of India to cater to this
  14. Jeffrey

    Ended PIVX - KoinBX Listing

    Title: KoinBX_Listing Name: KoinBX_Listing Term: 1 Cycle Amount: 16 724 Total Amount: 16 724 Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DCtLXZJPTQepSsWaxBz9CPcTd2hqVt5pD2 Status: active Vote Hash: d565f58f1b0c9ddc2bbb91447c5734d3d31f79410a9d4d3f44e77c73bead336a Brief Introduction: Hello...
  15. Jeffrey

    Ended Xeggex listing

    Title: XeggexListing Name: XeggexListing Term: 1 Cycle Amount: 30,881 Total Amount: 30,881 Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DSe3kL87fL2nL4t4pkadBfHCVBoxjb46NV Status: Active Vote Hash: 9cf3b99e135923e8b81890d90aa46fdfdf1b375d751914c8572cc8978677a7d2 Hey everyone! The purpose of...
  16. Jeffrey

    Need some guidance as in what category should I post?

    Hey @samzyann welcome to the PIVX discord. If you want to open a support query you can always open a ticket here -
  17. Jeffrey

    Ended email renewal

    Title: PIVXmailrenew Name: PIVXmailrenew Term: 1 Cycle Cycle Amount: 1234 Total Amount: 1234 Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DEXBKbJh1Ed92HHUtvAzhwgpsHTeaNKJFU Status: Active Vote Hash: bfb3dc11dcba2636dcf5762867aa10aec8ce1e18786065520dd8efdf15d5b17e Introduction: Hey everyone...
  18. Jeffrey

    Ended PIVX x Changelly Listing

    Title: PIVXxChangelly Name: PIVXxChangelly Term: 1 Cycle Amount: 58 056 Total Amount: 58 056 Author: Jeffrey Receiver: Jeffrey Address: DTYW5Wga2a4DESkwGSZMe4TJfBbcML6eZ8 Status: Proposed Vote Hash: 0364ccf88d19ad52375fa2d2140c21aef09045453f4b6bbabfc886c58cfc6666 Hi Everyone, This proposal...
  19. Jeffrey

    Active PIVX Spanish Boost 24

    I think there is more to it, People will reply to these social accounts in their given language. It's like any exchange they have different BD and social managers for each region / language Spanish is a massive one, one we are missing out on if we don't cater more for it as well as provide some...
  20. Jeffrey

    Awaiting Feedback Discussion about writing a new article for CoinBureau

    So it sucks that their original article was publised focusing on negative PIVX information. CoinBureau is not a place we would want wrong / out of date information shared. Also the price is quite low in comparison to what other media sites offer. The benefit of them updating and sharing a new...