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  1. Jeffrey

    INXY hosting marketplace – dedicated servers, content delivery network, managed DNS and other hosting related services

    Hi @Adam Greer Looks great! will definitely give it a try sometime. However when checking out the site it seems PIVX is not enabled for payments on your coinpayments gateway?
  2. Jeffrey

    How to connect your PIVX wallet to the TOR network

    Thanks for the feedback Fuzz, I am definitely going to try that. Will let you know if I face any issues.
  3. Jeffrey

    How to connect your PIVX wallet to the TOR network

    This guide will show you how to enable your PIVX wallet to become a TOR/Onion node. For Windows operating system: 1.) Firstly install TOR browser for your respective operating system by downloading it from here: 2.) Proceed to install TOR browser, Open it and then close it. 3.) Create any...
  4. Jeffrey

    How to backup your PIVX wallet

    In the QT/GUI PIVX as above: Open the PIVX wallet, Select "settings" Select "Wallet Data" Select "Wallet" Then select the box which states "Select folder ..." Save your PIVX wallet in the directory of your choosing and name it whatever you like, However when loading it into your PIVX wallet...
  5. Jeffrey

    PIVX staking requirements

    Before you can stake your PIVX you will need to meet all of these requirements: A PIVX balance exceeding 0 PIVX with at least 600 confirmations. A PIVX wallet running the latest PIVX release and synchronized to the latest block. The wallet needs to be unlocked for staking. The wallet also needs...
  6. Jeffrey

    Free Cold Staking service by me

    Cold staking nodes updated to 4.3.0 If you also want to setup your own cold staking node feel free to open a ticket in the support section of the forum.
  7. Jeffrey

    Staking and pivx-cli help needed.

    Hey @pivx_user So Stakeablecoins refers to the Mature UTXO's that you have available for staking, So for example If you have a total of 1000 PIVX which you received with 2 transactions of 500 PIV you would then have 2 UTXO's, If both were mature then you would have 2 x stakeable coins
  8. Jeffrey

    How and where to download the PIVX wallet

    Hi @stevenjw61 Is this with PIVX 4.2.0? if so then follow below: The issue you provided a screenshot of is likely due to a corrupted blockchain. Go to the %appdata%/PIVX folder (your PIVX data directory) And delete all files except for the backup folder and your wallet.dat , Once this is...
  9. Jeffrey

    Staking and pivx-cli help needed.

    As for addresses you can reuse old ones or generate a new one and check on existing accounts and addresses with the following commands listaccounts and listaddressgroupings
  10. Jeffrey

    Staking and pivx-cli help needed.

    Hi @pivx_user welcome to the PIVX forum, zPIV is disabled on the PIVX network, pending a new privacy protocol. The reason your balance is not showing is likely due to your wallet not being synchronised completely, this can take a few hours. You can check Progress by running ./piv-cli...
  11. Jeffrey

    Active PIVX Infrastructure Management + Support Lead V5- Jeffrey

    Some updates for this month so far since my last submission: Updated to the latest security patch 2.1.11 to solve a vulnerability, Update found here. Backups taken of all pivx related sites I manage and secured to an external drive for future storage, Online backups made for...
  12. Jeffrey

    Awaiting Feedback PIVX Promotional Fund by jakiman

    Support this 100% thanks for taking the initiative. Looking forward to seeing more great things being made available to PIVX due to this funding.
  13. Jeffrey

    Active ArticlePicksForPIVX

    Great work so far @PIVX Member (PM) looking forward to reading more articles.
  14. Jeffrey

    Active PIVX Infrastructure Management + Support Lead V5- Jeffrey

    Title: PIVX System Administration and Support Management V4 Name: SysAdmin20209 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 5200 Total Amnt: 15600 Author: Jeffrey Receiver:Jeffrey Address: DUHoJPQ2Pc783WCEG4rAcZSi5CHB42c843 Status: Proposed This is proposal is a continuation of my previous proposal found here...
  15. Jeffrey

    Open Warning: Peers are Being Disconnected Due to Time Differernces

    Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Date & Time. In the Time Zone pane, make sure that ”Set time zone automatically using current location” is selected and your Mac is connected to the Internet. Try that :)
  16. Jeffrey

    How and where to download the PIVX wallet

    Welcome to the PIVX tribe! to become a full fledged member you definitely need to be running the PIVX wallet :p Our wallet will always only be hosted on our official Github repo which is linked on our official website. Please always confirm that you are on the correct website. Never trust any...
  17. Jeffrey

    PIVX - Best Practices

    Cryptocurrency is brand new technology that has new concepts, procedures, terminology, and security risks to learn about. Even if you are familiar with other cryptocurrency, there are some unique parts of PIVX that you may need to know Always encrypt your wallet file with a 16+ character...
  18. Jeffrey

    How to Get Rewards - PIVX Reward System Explained

    REWARD SYSTEM All blockchain communities that are decentralized have some sort of rewards system for people who help secure their network. In some systems like Bitcoin, these rewards are given to ‘miners’, a select subgroup of people who secure the Bitcoin network. In PIVX, anyone who has PIV...
  19. Jeffrey

    How to stake your PIVX

    1.) Make sure your wallet is completely setup and synchronized. 2.) The PIVX you have sent to your wallet needs to have a minimum of 600 confirmations 3.) In the PIVX Core client, click the LOCK icon and select Staking Only 4.) Enter your password and confirm. 5.) That's it your PIVX will now...
  20. Jeffrey

    zPIV in 4.2 QT Wallet

    Hey @Gettingitdoneras is everything resolved now?