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    Archived [Alliance] PIVX x Merge [/Alliance]

    Sounds like a fair partnership. Free advertising for Merge in exchange for some services for PIVX. My question is how much free advertising is expected exactly? Do they expect to be mentioned in every PIVX related social media post? Is there an exact number agreed upon, say on a monthly basis...
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    PIVX Cold Staking

    The example that came to mind, that may fit, is when people (usually only tech savvy types) want to jail break their phone and put modified versions of Android/ iOS on it, they get absolutely NO support from Google or Apple to do it, and the companies actually strongly suggest against it, and...
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    PIVX Cold Staking

    I like the idea of PIVX promoting/highly recommending the use of self-managed cold staking nodes. Videos and instruction manuals made by PIVX can easily leave out any mention on how to do staking services and maybe even suggest against it. If someone wants to do it that way, then they are on...