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  1. Yoloman

    COIN.HOST - Dedicated servers and VPS hosting - PIVX accepted is only $5 per MasterNode Hosting/Month . you want us to pay $8.51/Month for a MasterNode Hosting. No Thanks. also have fast Support & helpful & friendly.
  2. Yoloman

    How Secure is Kucoin Exchange?

    in 2020 , i would stay away from any centralized exchange. . use Uni-Swap, its a DEX with trading volume better than CoinBase PRO Exchange (Centralized )
  3. Yoloman

    Archived TranslationV2

    just voted , thank for your post
  4. Yoloman

    How to Vote ?

    i am new with all this, just setup up a masternode "SPMT" now i need a guide on how to vote , etc. with pictures,
  5. Yoloman

    How to Setup Cold Staking With Ledger Hardware Wallet

    Do I need to leave the software running 24/7 ? Inorder to keep receiving the rewards ?