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  1. palmtree

    Draft PIVX Labs Expansion

    Love it!
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    Active Doc-Support-Website

    When looking for support or tutorials, it's often frustrating when you follow documents which lead to dead ends or are incomplete and you have to piece together 2 or 3 parts of different websites to get a solution or resolution. I'm not sure how other coin projects keep their documentation, but...
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    Awaiting Feedback PIVX-Doc-Support-Website

    @Eric_Stanek , Git Sync can work bi-directionally. Changes to github content can sync to the website. Local website changes can also sync back to github. This allows for ad-hoc version control and also the ability to see the edit history, even if the content originated from a website content...
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    Awaiting Feedback PIVX-Doc-Support-Website

    Same tech as so should not be a problem.
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    PIVX Cold Staking

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    Archived Electrum Wallet 2nd Attempt

    Try getting help from the electrum bitcoin wallet people, this forum is for PIVX and currently does not have an electrum wallet.
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    Necesito Ayuda

    Después de algunas horas, las monedas tendrán el número requerido de confirmaciones. Para habilitar "staking", desbloquee la billetera solo para apostar. Responder con ayuda del Traductor de Google
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    agenor coin clone Pivx coin and wallet

    Yes, it's open source, they just need to keep the attribution of the source code.
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    Resolved pivx 5.01 unable to bind to

    mcteam, try to reboot pc and restart wallet, works most of the time.
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    There are no official faucets. A simple web search found a few third party faucets.
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    Cold staking is networkely disabled

    Yes, cold staking is currently on disabled network wide however, it should be re-enabled sometime this month (March 2021). You can see the announcement here:
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    How to Setup Cold Staking With Ledger Hardware Wallet

    kalinka, Just a reminder that cold staking is currently disabled but should be available sometime after v6 wallet (Q3 or Q4) "Once the process is complete" means that if you follow the tutorial to completion, the PIVX will be on the Ledger. In order to complete the cold staking delegation, it...
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    Can you stake shielded coins?

    @jcom3030 Currently there is only hot staking. Cold staking will resume some time in March. Shielded staking is currently being worked on. The rest of your thoughts are all on the future plan.
  14. palmtree

    How to Setup Cold Staking With Ledger Hardware Wallet

    Yes, The PIVs need to be on the desktop wallet. Once the process is complete, they will be back on the Ledger. Please note that cold staking is currently disabled until sometime in March 2021 so you may want to do normal staking till then.
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    My PIVX Wallet (MPW) - The most powerful PIVX lightwallet.

    Looking better every minute...
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    Mobile wallet Not work

    Nick, The mobile wallet needs an update. The best thing to do for now until a new mobile wallet is released would be to use your seed phrase and import it into Coinomi wallet (Coinomi also has a desktop client for Mac, Linux, and Windows). Once you do that, you should have access to your PIVs
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    Old wallet - needs an update

    Robin, the best thing to do would be to do the following: Shutdown old wallet upgrade wallet version start new wallet and follow this guide:
  18. palmtree

    iOS mobile wallet

    The easiest path until a new mobile wallet is released would be to use your seed phrase and import it into Coinomi, which also has a desktop client for Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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    Cant see my PIVs using PET4L

    There are a few issues with pet4l with an update soon. If it's a ledger, try using ledger live coin control to check balance. Also if you have many transactions you may need to increase address search in pet4l ("smpath to" and "smpath from" and perhaps "Account HW")
  20. palmtree - Trade, Stake and Node with ease!

    I'll look for that setting and give it another try.