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  1. ONeZetty

    Active PIVX Labs Expansion

    Amazing! @PIVX Labs is making a great work for the PIVX community!
  2. ONeZetty

    PIVX Binance AMA en Español

    Ojalá así sea, cosa de presionar a Binance!!
  3. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    Our proposal (PSSM-21-1) did pass but was not enough PIV to fund it. Every donation is welcome to keep the Spanish team working on the PIVX promotion. ¡Gracias! Receiver: ONeZetty Address: DLXxfRwQn1cNe22Dr9LQt1G8PtKoJEvNiB
  4. ONeZetty

    My PIVX Wallet (MPW) - The most powerful PIVX lightwallet.

    I love it!! I been using it for some days and is working great.
  5. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    @ChekaZ the problem is that those are not "my numbers", those are only a screenshot I did for the proposal the number of the results are in my last proposal (I'm sure you did not take a chance to read it). And yep, you do not understand, this month we did not get any funds, there is no "new...
  6. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    Well, usually, I prefer to respond in Telegram chat or Discord. I'm sorry you do not speak Spanish, so you are not able to know what was or effort in the last 3 years. Now, @Borris you passed from laying about the price of my proposal, then "I having no results" and now you are saying "that...
  7. ONeZetty

    PIVX Binance AMA en Español

    Hace unos días participé en un "preguntame lo que sea" (AMA) para la comunidad de Binance Latinoamérica les comparto el video de la plática.
  8. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    LOL, sorry but I was thinking this was about my proposal, not "Coinkit efficiency", which I have to say I will not question. I love Coinkit. The problem is, you are comparing "organic" and "artificial", I can not compete with "pay content", I'm not a "marketing expert" but even I know that...
  9. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    Thanks for your support @Borris, I'm sorry the screenshot confused you, that was only to "show" the "account" the results of my last proposal you can find them here:
  10. ONeZetty - Trade, Stake and Node with ease!

    Great!! I love StakeCube, thanks for the update @JSKitty - 💜
  11. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    Thanks for the support PIVians, unfortunately, this month it was not enough budget for our proposal, so other proposals are more important at this moment. We will try to keep all social media updated, as you know we dong this because we love PIVX, so if you are interested in support the...
  12. ONeZetty

    Archived PIVX Spanish Social Media

    January PIVX Spanish Social Media Report: Twitter: Tweets 38 Tweet impressions 21.1 K Profile visits 1,395 Mentions 157 Followers 1,047 Instagram: Post: 11 Impressions: 684 Interactions: 108 Followers: 1,495
  13. ONeZetty

    Archived CryptoCore-Explorer

    I really like this proposal, definitely is great opportunity for PIVX. A big YES for me. Thanks for the support @jimwal 💜
  14. ONeZetty

    Ended PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1

    Title: PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1 Name: PSSM-21-1 Term: 3 Cycles Cycle Amount: 1000 Total Amount: 3000 Author: ONeZetty Receiver: ONeZetty Address: DLXxfRwQn1cNe22Dr9LQt1G8PtKoJEvNiB Status: Draft PIVX Foundation: Able to KYC to receive Hola I'm the Zetty, ONeZetty! This is a new...
  15. ONeZetty

    Archived PIVX Spanish Social Media

    December PIVX Spanish Social Media Report : Twitter: Tweets 17 Tweet impressions 10.4K Profile visits 567 Mentions 16 Followers 1,023 Instagram: Post: 12 Impressions: 910 Interactions: 147 Followers: 1,491
  16. ONeZetty

    Archived PIVX Reddit Promotion Nov-Feb

    I like it!! Reddit is a great place for promotion, discussion and get the attention of the community. Big YES.
  17. ONeZetty

    Archived PIVX Dev Funding (Jan-Mar 2021)

    YES! The PIVX developers are making history. 👍🏼💜
  18. ONeZetty

    Soy Nueva

    ¿Cuál wallet necesitas?
  19. ONeZetty

    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    Thanks for your great work @PIVX Member (PM) 💜
  20. ONeZetty

    Archived Social Media Manager 2020Q4

    I love this proposal, @LeacyMcK is making a great job, is a big YES for me!