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    PIVX Wallet & False Coin Tally

    Good Day Everyone, I've noticed a trend with PIVX while staking. Over time my wallet increases with coins while staking (a good thing). Not running a GUI, but running pivxd from cli. I check my balance from cli using pivx-cli getinfo. Then when I load a new wallet my balance loses 500+- PIVX...
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    PIVX-4.0.1 - Staking Not Active from CLI

    Hello All, Noticed that I cannot get staking to activate. The log shows I made 16 connections to the network. The last message is "blocks=2164051", but when I run getinfo from cli I see "blocks": 2156300. I saw a post to update pivx.conf to include maxtipage=1800. No change once I restarted...
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    Confirmed Stake(s) w/ 300+ confimations - Restart Wallet now Orphaned

    Earned 20 PIVX through staking. Each transaction shows confirmation of 300+. Restarted wallet and all the earnings are orphaned. This appears to be a very unstable network? How can so many transactions show up in a users wallet as confirmed and then when the wallet is restarted these transaction...