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  1. Easycryptos

    Pivx faucet

    Hello guys, Why don't You create a faucet wich allow users to claim small amounts of pivx directly to their wallet? This is how bitcoin started and look the value has today. I suggest a faucet with referal program which pay 1 pivx every 24 hours direct to wallet. And pay 50% of referal claims at...
  2. Easycryptos

    Pivx wallet stuck sync at january 25 2021

    Hello, I need need some help. I had pivx core 4.2.0 and was running well til february 01 2021 00:00 that is the last time synch. I tried to restore data bases and got the same stuck. I downloaded pivx core 5.0.1 and stuck again. I have the wallet.dat The backups folder was deleted.