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  1. Buer

    Resolved Funds lost in transaction to *destination* (TX-ID unknown) ***SOLVED***

    For future reference, the PIVX Data directory can be found using the following guide: and here is a technical description of its content...
  2. Buer

    Questions from a PIVX nube (BTC hodler, and DASH MN owner) about cold staking.

    You should have been answered on our Reddit: The complete documentation can be found here: - an explanatory youtube video is here: and a hands on how-to is this...
  3. Buer

    Is there a schedule to make these wallets easier?

    The new version is a big step forward. Feel free to contribute to the open source effort on
  4. Buer

    Trying to download the latest version on windows 10 and wont sync chain.

    Check - the quick and dirty fix-all
  5. Buer

    Resolved Funds lost in transaction to *destination* (TX-ID unknown) ***SOLVED***

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for reaching out. The transaction you linked does not exist. Your node wallet is more likely forked The easiest way to solve this is to follow the instructions at for any further question feel free to join our discord:
  6. Buer

    Archived Websummit 2019

    Update! We received a very generous donation from @Rhubarbarian and the ambassador fund. This thankfully covers for nearly all expenses. If this proposal passes the funds will be used to cover the remaining expenses and the rest will be given back to the ambassador fund, perhaps to establish a...
  7. Buer

    Archived Websummit 2019

    Title: Websummit19 Term: 2 cycles Cycle Amount: 2000 Total Amount: 4000 Author: Buer Receiver: Buer, Warrows, Cryptosi Address: DKegcB2bQSPpcuCCfLLpQumZf6Vtq9GTHb Created: October 19 2019 Status: Proposal Hello folks, It's been a while since PIVX attended any large scale events and I've come...