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  1. Jeffrey

    I think I accidently transfered coins to Cold Staking address, how to get them back?

    @nathan2225 you should be able to see your coins in coin control. you can select them there to spend and unlock from cold staking. Cold staking is in the send tab. right side once there.
  2. Jeffrey

    Why are my posts left for review and never released?

    @rmpx Sorry about that. Are you using a VPN? then its likely the IP address is banned by our anti-spam plugins used here. As for your problem hacking is definitely not the problem. Please check your address on and check that the balance here matches your wallet...
  3. Jeffrey

    PIVX Wallet/ APP

    First step - Upgrade to v5.0.1 1. Stop/Shut down/Close your wallet. 2. Upgrade to v5.0.1 3. Start wallet. After waiting few minutes to sync, compare your block / hash against the block explorers linked above and see if they match. (for...
  4. Jeffrey

    PIVX Wallet/ APP

    HI @adambodz which version are you currently running?
  5. Jeffrey

    Masternode Setup Guide

    Guide updated.
  6. Jeffrey

    Archived CryptoCore-Explorer

    Great Explorer with many features! thank you for supporting PIVX over the years. YES!
  7. Jeffrey

    cold staking delegation transaction

    Hey @Swiss81 If you only updated now then it is best that you follow these steps: NOTE: v5.0.1 is MANDATORY UPGRADE. First step - Upgrade to v5.0.1 1. Stop/Shut down/Close your wallet. 2. Upgrade to v5.0.1 3. Start wallet. After waiting...
  8. Jeffrey

    cold staking delegation transaction

    Hi @Swiss81 are you using 5.0.1?
  9. Jeffrey

    Wallet won't sync

    :) glad to hear it is solved. If you need anything further please feel free to open another support post.
  10. Jeffrey

    Wallet won't sync

    For faster support I suggest that you join our discord.
  11. Jeffrey

    Wallet won't sync

    Hi @battistiboi was your issue ever resolved? Please also try updating to our latest release. 5.0
  12. Jeffrey

    Free Cold Staking service by me

    Your staking rewards automatically go to the owner address (The address where your PIVX is stored on your wallet) The cold staking node has no access to your PIV.
  13. Jeffrey

    Soy Nueva

    @ONeZetty :) Maybe you can help
  14. Jeffrey

    Free Cold Staking service by me

    Everything is correct :) It is already staking on your behalf. Nothing more to do.
  15. Jeffrey

    Running the PIVX wallet by just the command line. And where are the docs?

    Yes the PIVX daemon needs to be running at all times. The PIVX-cli will be used to initiate commands. You can find a list of them here:
  16. Jeffrey

    How to Setup Cold Staking With Ledger Hardware Wallet

    It will show as snowflakes in the transaction history but in coin control you should see it added in pairs of 2 piv to your total. Or are you using the ledger to receive cold staking rewards?
  17. Jeffrey

    INXY hosting marketplace – dedicated servers, content delivery network, managed DNS and other hosting related services

    Hi @Adam Greer Looks great! will definitely give it a try sometime. However when checking out the site it seems PIVX is not enabled for payments on your coinpayments gateway?
  18. Jeffrey

    How to connect your PIVX wallet to the TOR network

    Thanks for the feedback Fuzz, I am definitely going to try that. Will let you know if I face any issues.
  19. Jeffrey

    How to connect your PIVX wallet to the TOR network

    This guide will show you how to enable your PIVX wallet to become a TOR/Onion node. For Windows operating system: 1.) Firstly install TOR browser for your respective operating system by downloading it from here: 2.) Proceed to install TOR browser, Open it and then close it. 3.) Create any...