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    PIVX Softball Team

    Would the merch shop be able to sell hats and jerseys so the TeamPIVX funds will be used there and then there will be an official jersey for everyone in the community and TeamPIVX.
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    PIVX Softball Team

    I will adjust it.
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    PIVX Softball Team

    Title: Sponsorship of TeamPIVX Name: Team PIVX competitive softball team Term: 2 cycles Cycle Amnt: 1300 PIV Total Amnt: 2600 PIV Author: TeamPIVX Receiver: TeamPIVX Address: TBA Created: 06/05/2019 Status: Pre-Proposed The goal of this proposal is to get buzz for PIVX in the real world. As...
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    Team PIVX

    So recently I just put together a softball team for a tournament in 2 weeks here in Florida. The team had no name until yesterday. I haven't seen a team sponsored by a Crypto, but do see lots of corporate logos all over the place. Would anyone be willing to join me and a few others to back this...