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  1. SiggeB

    Looking for a coach to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your personal and professional goals?

    Looking for a coach to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your personal and professional goals? Look no further! As a professional coach in training, I am dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential. I specialize in several niches, including Life Purpose Coaching...
  2. SiggeB

    Archived PIVX official Social Media lead, Community Builder.

    You're doing a wonderful and huge job Leacy! PIVX community is a great place because of you and your persistence. No question I will support your proposal.
  3. SiggeB

    Archived PIVX Slush Fund August 2022

    So now you continue spreading your falsities here, after you've been banned from discord. You're obviously trying to reverse cause and effect. It seems like it had never crossed your mind that people aren't using PIVXpoker because of the bugs users discovered (doesn't help with trust, that's for...
  4. SiggeB

    Archived Micro Business PIVX Community Project

    Hi Gerrald, thanks for your thoughts. They're important. I don't really see the problem you outline though, regarding the centralization. It's not more centralization than any (or most) other proposals. Someone has to take care of the funds to be paid out. With Zetty's proposal, we have a big...
  5. SiggeB

    Translations proposal ideas

    Hello girls and boys :) Ok, I am starting with the work to get the translations proposal through. Following I will jot down some of my ideas, and I am thankful for your ideas and thoughts. Translations will be needed not only for the website and changes there. Also recurring news features...
  6. SiggeB

    Archived Development

    Do I understand correctly that 45% of the rake is going back to PIVX community funds?
  7. SiggeB

    Is the masternode vote the final vote?

    Isn't that how it works today?
  8. SiggeB

    Is the masternode vote the final vote?

    A volunteer usually works for the greater Good of PIVX. Why change that? Let's take my example. I donate huge amounts of my time to spread the word about PIVX, mainly on Twitter. No voting is necessary for that. But if I would spread FUD about PIVX, would we first need a vote to stop me? No...
  9. SiggeB

    Is the masternode vote the final vote?

    For what I've noticed, there is already a consensus. Consensus means a majority, not necessarily *everyone*, agrees. And, I wasn't aware of that the MNs voted over volunteer work. Do they really? I don't thinks so, because how can anyone decide over what a volunteer should do or not, as long as...
  10. SiggeB

    Is the masternode vote the final vote?

    Maybe you should also add a description about how exactly the voting system works. That's important for being able to make a good vote, and many aren't fully aware about how the system works.
  11. SiggeB

    Archived Social Media Manager 2020Q4

    Looks like a "mn" is missing before the command budgetvote many 370ec17c2b29298e449c2ee84f225c638da81dfa3c8a4bb4209810d63b7fc3db yes So it should be mnbudgetvote many 370ec17c2b29298e449c2ee84f225c638da81dfa3c8a4bb4209810d63b7fc3db yes
  12. SiggeB

    PIVX Promotional Fund by jakiman

    I'm definitely supporting, but need some more guidelines, and I'm convinced that they will come in later :) Like: -What's "affordable" as an exchange listing fee? I'm basically pretty much against all listing fees, shy not have a tight collaboration with that exchange instead? -Will there be any...