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  1. jakiman

    PIVX v5.4.0 Core Desktop Wallet Release

    PIVX v5.4.0 core desktop wallet has been released and is now available for download! It is a non-mandatory, but highly recommended core wallet update that includes the brand new, fully featured, decentralized governance graphic user interface! It also includes many bug fixes, increased tests...
  2. jakiman

    PIVX v5.3.3 Core Desktop Wallet Release

    PIVX v5.3.3 Core wallet has been published and is available for download! It's a highly recommended Core Wallet update which solves a good number of issues over the tier two network synchronization process, which recently caused users to struggle during the past superblock, and improves its...
  3. jakiman

    PIVX v5.3.2 Core Desktop Wallet Release

    PIVX core desktop wallet version v5.3.2 has been released and is now available for download! This is an important release that fixes a forking scenario where the node rejects and marks a valid block as invalid in a parallel branch. We recommend everyone to update your node/wallet as soon as...
  4. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Huh? When we say we do not get a single PIV, we mean it. NOTHING is paid to us for what we do. You have a problem with comprehension. Also, your way of thinking how this budget system works is simply wrong. You (any/all MNO) have ZERO control (nor say unless we ask) over how it is used once it...
  5. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    That's the issue. That you think it's a given that the prices negotiated by us to make that happen are something that needs to be made public for you to scrutinize over. It's not. Also, as mentioned, they cannot be disclosed / linked. There's a good reason why they can't. But you seem to not...
  6. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Well good luck trying to get more from us as we provided what we can without ruining public relations and potentially getting PIVX attacked. Also, I still don't get how you think we spent it all on 2 articles? You must be reading some other coin's forum post and not ours. We spent over 18k on...
  7. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Huh? So you are basically ignoring the data provided and making your own assumptions? Umm. No. Nothing gets paid to ourselves. Zero. Nada. Zilch. All that work was done for free and is technically not part of the budget, but more a bonus as a result.
  8. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    and no, we do not want to be paid for our time. If we did, this proposal would never have been created.
  9. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    It is broken down already. You missed it? If you don't trust any of it, not much more we can do tbh. TOTAL PIV PAID TO JAKIMAN, SNAPPY, AMBASSADOR: 0 PIV
  10. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    More than half the stuff written in snappy's report are done for free. We just wrote what we did. But cost the budget nothing. Is that so hard to understand? You are making zero sense on your calculations. Please read above posts again as it's quite clearly laid out. Also, many other MNOs...
  11. jakiman

    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    All the non-cost activities (all human labor and time spent by us three) were done for free. Zero cost to the budget. Not a single PIV is paid to ourselves. All the cost-bearing activities (articles, listings, liquidity, promotions etc) were paid for using the budget + donations. It's actually...
  12. jakiman

    PIVX Core Wallet 5.0.1 Mandatory Hotfix Release (JAN/15/2021)

    This v5.0.1 release is a mandatory hotfix for all core desktop wallet users running 5.0.0 or lower. So if you are running anything below this version, you MUST update to stay on the main chain after the network enforcement block 2,700,500 (January 29th 2021)...
  13. jakiman

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.1.0 Release (May/7/2020)

    Best way is to install and setup a brand new 4.1.1 wallet, sync from scratch, then once synced up, close it, replace the empty wallet.dat with your old wallet.dat file (always keep another copy as backup), then re-launch the 4.1.1 wallet. If all else fails, please ask for assistance in our PIVX...
  14. jakiman

    PIVX Promotional Fund by jakiman

    Title: PIVX Promotional Fund by jakiman Name: PIVX_Promo_Fund_JK Term: 3 Cycles (I want this to be perpetual tbh) Cycle Amnt: 2500 Total Amnt: 7500 Author: jakiman Receiver: jakiman Address: <tbd> Status: Awaiting Feedback This proposal is the first proposal for PIVX that aims to solely put...
  15. jakiman

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.3.0 RC1 Release

    PIVX v4.3.0 RC1 core wallet has been released, and wallet binaries are now available for download. This 1st release candidate for major 4.3.x build is a pre-final release for public testing and feedback. It includes significant core...
  16. jakiman

    PIVX Development Update - Week 2, September 2020

    This update covers the most recent development highlights such: - Upcoming 4.3.0 wallet and the just-released RC1 release - Sapling privacy protocol development progress - Key reminders - Past month’s list of PIVX GitHub commits - High level development targets...
  17. jakiman

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.1.1 Mandatory Release (May/31/2020)

    PIVX Core version 4.1.1 is available from: This critical hot-fix update includes a fix for the wallet sync issues that were causing out of sync issues. This is a mandatory update for those running 4.1.0 or lower and all full node wallet users...
  18. jakiman

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.1.0 Release (May/7/2020)

    PIVX Core version 4.1.0 is available from: This new wallet includes major improvements in its performance and efficiency over previous releases, reducing its RAM usage by more than half, along...
  19. jakiman

    New Privacy Protocol Reveal - zk-SNARKs Sapling

    Toronto, February 29, 2020 – PIVX announces its plans to implement Sapling ( , a zk-SNARKs based privacy protocol created by Zcash, on the next major 5.0 core wallet scheduled for release this year that enables both public and private transactions on the PIVX...
  20. jakiman

    PIVX Core Wallet 4.0.2 Release (01/18/2020)

    PIVX Core version v4.0.2 is now available from: or This is a new revision version release, including various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. Please report bugs using the issue tracker...