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  1. forbal

    Active PIVXUniversityBR and Ecosystem Expansion

    I have been linked to these projects since 2021-2022, it was in meetings that we clarified some doubts about development and costs The projects are not separated because they are a way of showing what we have and how the PIVX ecosystem will be created, the proposal has no connection with the...
  2. forbal

    Active PIVXUniversityBR and Ecosystem Expansion

    Thank you for your attention, we are going to change the original text, but it is about: the number of people who participated in the lecture and people who joined a PIVX social network, these two factors added together, what is the % of people who created a project or if involved in creating a...
  3. forbal

    Active PIVXUniversityBR and Ecosystem Expansion

    We don't see it that way, we need to show the community how the projects will be implemented to create an ecosystem of PIV utility, these are projects in which I have connection and can be developed in PIVX, or students create apps from scratch, and the costs are to demonstrate that the...
  4. forbal

    Active PIVXUniversityBR and Ecosystem Expansion

    Title: : PIVX University Brazil: Strengthening PIVX Knowledge and Ecosystem Expansion Name: PIVXUnivBR Term: 2 cycles Cycle Amnt: 5200 PIVX Total Amnt: 10400 PIVX Author: @forbal & @GusBerg Receiver: @forbal Created: July 28, 2023 Status: Proposed 🔍 1.Overview 🔍 Our goal with this proposal is...
  5. forbal

    Awaiting Feedback PIVXUnivBR All doubts were placed in the proposal as well @ONeZetty We decided to put 3 faculties in this proposal, because development in crypto for the understanding of some can take time and also with more people we have a greater amount of...
  6. forbal

    Draft PIVX Brasil Report 2018-2020

    Details This is a report of what was developed for PIVX Brasil from 2018-2020, several partnerships were created throughout this period, with events, content, influencers and Blockchain enthusiasts In 2 and a half years made more than 160 posts on Instagram Attendance at 6 crypto events...
  7. forbal

    Awaiting Feedback PIVXUnivBR

    Title: : PIVX University Brazil: Strengthening PIVX Knowledge and Ecosystem Expansion Name: PIVXUnivBR Term: 2 cycles Cycle Amnt: 5200 PIVX Total Amnt: 10400 PIVX Author: @forbal & @GusBerg Receiver: @forbal Created: July 20, 2023 Status: Pre-Proposed 🔍 1.Overview 🔍 Our aim with this proposal...
  8. forbal

    Ended PIVX Academy Brazil

    🔍 1.Overview 🔍 Our aim with this proposal is to enhance the awareness and understanding of PIVX throughout Brazil and beyond, by leveraging the power of educational lectures and integrating PIVX into various ecosystems, such as Metaverses, Digital, and Financial platforms. As the digital...
  9. forbal

    Draft PIVX University Brazil

    Name: PIVXUniversityBrazil Term: 1 cycles Cycle Amount: 13050 PIV Total Amount: 13050 PIV Author: @JoaquimFolha Receiver: @JoaquimFolha Created: April 27, 2023 O The Need I've been in the crypto market since 2017, in PIVX since 2018 and since then I've been ahead of several events, lectures...
  10. forbal

    Archived PIVX Brasil and Kucoin Portuguese Partnership

    Title: PIVX Brasil and Kucoin Portuguese Partnership Name: PIVX Brasil and Kucoin Portuguese Partnership Term: 1 cycles Total amount: 450 Author: @Forbahl Receiver: @forbahl Address: DMvMa5kuMJZWxNhSfBhVJEGA4oz7BzsL45 Created: April 02, 2021 Status: Proposal A partnership was signed between...
  11. forbal

    Archived PIVX-BRAZIL-2020

    Report posted
  12. forbal

    Archived PIVX-BRAZIL-2020

    Report posted
  13. forbal

    Archived PIVX-BRAZIL-2020

    PIVX Brazil Report September - October. ❤️ After a month with funds blocked in reais (BRL), we managed to fix everything and continue with the progress of the PIVX Brazil community. Apologize for the absence, but I kept thinking about it to solve the problem and I say that the proposal will...
  14. forbal

    Archived PIVX-BRAZIL-2020

    Hi to everyone in the PIVX community, I have been in the PIVX Brazil community since 2018 at the head of the Brazilian community, always working actively in the community, but in the last few weeks I missed the deadline to update the proposal for growth in Brazil and everything that was written...
  15. forbal

    Archived PIVX-BRAZIL-2020

    Title: PIVX-BRAZIL-2020 Name: PIVX-BRAZIL-2020 Term: 3 cycles Cycle amount: 2290 Total amount: 6870 Author: @forbal Receiver: @forbal Address: DCXYaLVnFd18Z41vdQERQpsXv2QttjCj6d Created: August 22,2020 Status: Active Hello everyone, it's JoaquimF - Ambassador to Brazil The Need PIVX Brasil was...
  16. forbal

    PIVX Brazil 2020

    Such a proposal was never made for Brazil, focusing on content production with articles on websites and banners about PIVX I will be really committed to making the PIVX Brazil group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube Until then, the other proposals made for Brazil were aimed...
  17. forbal

    Archived PIVX_Portuguese2

    Hello everyone, this is JoaquimF! This is the proposal for the next budget of PIVX_Portuguese 2 for August, September and October 2019. I am dedicating myself to growing the PIVX Portuguese community so that once we have a good base of members, begin implementations of PIVX as a means of...
  18. forbal

    Report PIVX Português

    Report of growth of the Portuguese community We have had a good growth of the Portuguese community. In an overview we are excited to continue the growth of Portuguese PIVX, many people are looking for the group's PT Telegram to seek information The Telegram group of PIVX Portugues has...
  19. forbal

    Archived PIVX Português BlockCrypto2019

    Last year PIVX Portuguese had a representative at the BlockCrypto 2018 event where the Portuguese community began, which now has 380 people in the Telegram and 669 followers on the Instagram with several pesosos learning daily about PIVX. BlockCrypto 2019 will have the presence of Strategy...
  20. forbal

    Food Truck PIVX

    What I'll do? Present the PIVX to a large public, taking 4 Food Trucks to receive the PIVX as a form of payment in a college in São Paulo Summary The intention is to take Food Trucks to a college that has more than 7,000 students, we will give a bountry of 6 PIV for people to consume in the...