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  1. palmtree

    Active PIVX Social Media Lead/Content Creator, Exchange Liaison.

    At the time I write this, there are 1,726 active masternodes but only 10 or 20 active PIVians who work day to day only wanting PIVX to be better. I don't know anyone who works harder than @LeacyMcK and who continues to keep things upbeat and positive even when others (mostly complainers, not...
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    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June

    cloud and toolbox are on a Toolbox and Cloiud are NOT on same server as docs, forum, foundation
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    My PIVX Wallet (MPW) - The most powerful PIVX lightwallet.

    Coming soon, the Labz team is agressive and if you keep following, you will see magic happen.
  4. palmtree

    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    If you know the priv key of the address that holds the PIVs on allnodes, you can also use that priv key in and use that to send out to yourself.
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    Archived ZKBITCOIN.COM hosting proposal (annual)

    ZK, out of curiosity, why is google workspace needed? Most google features are free to individuals, what specifically requires this for explorer?
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    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    Sorry I'm not able to help any further, I awaiting a reply from other tech savy users. In the meantime, here are a few options: Join Discord and post in the #support channel Copy wallet.dat file to desktop and use GUI wallet
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    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    Sorry for delay, try this out: sendmany "" "{\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\":779}" 1 '["DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V"]'
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    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    OK, 2 last tries, first try: sendmany "" "{\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\":779}" [\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\"] include_delegated=1 If that doesn't work, try the following: sendmany "" "{\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\":779}" [\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\"]...
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    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    After many, many attempts, I think I found the solution. Using your address and amount from above, please try the following: sendmany "" "{\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\":779}" [\"DBe3tFbY2xBJDVTE2zwPp8xgHzAB67sm2V\"] include_delegated=true
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    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    Sorry, I missed the command line request. You can try this command: `sendtoaddress "address" full-amount subtract_fee` Example: sendtoaddress DLabsktzGMnsK5K9uRTMCF6NoYNY6ET4Bb 2000 subtract_fee Hope that helps.
  11. palmtree

    Can undelegate coins from allnodes

    Friend, Make sure wallet version is up to date. Then go to 'Send' -> 'Coin Control' - > Select the address with the cold staked coins then Copy the 'After Fee' amount (bottom right of wallet screen). Click 'OK', then on the send page, paste the amount copied in the earlier step.
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    Can you stake shielded coins?

    Once v6 of wallet comes out, possibly within the month, shield staking should be next. v6 update is needed to get things ready for shield staking.
  13. palmtree

    Can you stake shielded coins?

    Currently not possible to stake shielded PIVX!
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    PIVX Labs Expansion

    Love it!
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    Archived Doc-Support-Website

    When looking for support or tutorials, it's often frustrating when you follow documents which lead to dead ends or are incomplete and you have to piece together 2 or 3 parts of different websites to get a solution or resolution. I'm not sure how other coin projects keep their documentation, but...
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    @Eric_Stanek , Git Sync can work bi-directionally. Changes to github content can sync to the website. Local website changes can also sync back to github. This allows for ad-hoc version control and also the ability to see the edit history, even if the content originated from a website content...
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    Same tech as so should not be a problem.
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    PIVX Cold Staking

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    Archived Electrum Wallet 2nd Attempt

    Try getting help from the electrum bitcoin wallet people, this forum is for PIVX and currently does not have an electrum wallet.