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  1. Easycryptos

    Pivx faucet

    Hello guys, Why don't You create a faucet wich allow users to claim small amounts of pivx directly to their wallet? This is how bitcoin started and look the value has today. I suggest a faucet with referal program which pay 1 pivx every 24 hours direct to wallet. And pay 50% of referal claims at...
  2. Easycryptos

    Resolved Upgrade From an Old PIVX Wallet

    Hello, just go to pivx folder and put wallet.dat and backups then let wallet synch
  3. Easycryptos

    Pivx wallet stuck sync at january 25 2021

    Hello, I need need some help. I had pivx core 4.2.0 and was running well til february 01 2021 00:00 that is the last time synch. I tried to restore data bases and got the same stuck. I downloaded pivx core 5.0.1 and stuck again. I have the wallet.dat The backups folder was deleted.