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  1. buntwo

    Archived PIVX-BRAZIL-2020

    Good afternoon my friend. I come here to give my simple opinion on the post above. "Let's start with Youtube: Bitnoob - Étopsaber - King of Bitcoin channels with low views, investment in channels with little engagement is bad, because there is little public The best channel for improvement of...
  2. buntwo Website 2.0

    As a new user I am loving the change and I want to see these improvements applied.
  3. buntwo

    PIVX Brazil 2020

    Boa tarde meu amigo. Venho aqui dar minha singela opinião sobre o post acima. "Vamos começar por Youtube: Bitnoob - Étop saber - Rei do Bitcoin são canais com baixas views, investimento em canais com pouco engajamento é ruim, pois tras pouco publico O melhor canal para melhora da comunidade...