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  1. J

    PIVX hats for sale

    PIVX hats for sale. Custom made. $50 in PIVX at time of order. Shipping included. Will have to add $20 if international outside US. Honor system in effect. I invested a lot into these so it's in my best interest to come through. Two styles, limited quantities, first come first serve...
  2. J

    "Transaction creation failed" ??

    Everytime I try to send something, it says this. I never had this happen before. I tried sending 1 piv, still said it. Using coin control. What's happening? Thank you.
  3. J

    Archived PIVXorgTranslation

    Yeah, voting looks like a "no"
  4. J

    Can you stake shielded coins?

    Is this possible now? I don't think so. Will it be a thing? Also, cold staking shielded coins? Running a shielded masternode? Or having masternode rewards be paid shielded or to a different address? Can you have your rewards redirected now? A few questions I thought of. -J