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  1. vampyren

    Active VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb

    Hi guys and galz, Now that the proposal has passed i just wanted to say thanks for the trust as well as give a update due to the big price dip. I did not want to add a big extra buffer into the request but did mention that if the price changes to much i would update. I was waiting for a bit...
  2. vampyren

    Active VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb

    @gerald: Not sure why you are so mad about the proposal! Saying this was pushed in last minute. This is the third time i do this and before me there has been others. Not sure why the reply isn't shown on forum but i don't like censorship and wanted to address the question! This was for sure not...
  3. vampyren

    Active VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb

    Here is the list: 1 - Dex integrations 2 - forum 3 - snapshot testnet 4 - staging 5 -
  4. vampyren

    Active VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb

    No problem, glad i can help in some way :)
  5. vampyren

    Active VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb

    Title: VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb Name: VPS_Expenses_2023_Oct-Feb Term: 1 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 11131 PIV Total Amnt: 11131 PIV Author: vampyren Receiver: vampyren Address: DEEXpN584FxkpY3GeFs9a8Vx8jnYuyoXG1 Created: 2023-08-15 Status: Active Vote Hash...
  6. vampyren

    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June

    Info: This month we had to pay more....i think this is due to adding more servers and removing others. I can cover some of the extra cost but if other months keep being this high i will include the extra cost in the next budget request.
  7. vampyren

    Active LMP: PIVX Poker

    This alone can generate allot of revenue for future developments! I been trying to find someone to do this exact same thing for ages but no one has been willing! If you need any help from my side just let me know.
  8. vampyren

    Active LMP: PIVX Poker

    Sounds awesome!
  9. vampyren

    Ended WhiteBIT trading competition

    Its a great idea! More engagement = more interest, yes from me.
  10. vampyren

    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June

    Additional changes ! I have taken over 2 more servers from Eric and we killed one server . All and all what we now have is as follows: - 1 x Shared CPU - 8 GB - 160 GB + backup (Docs & Forums) - cost:58$ - 1 x Shared CPU - 8 GB - 160 GB + backup (snapshot) - cost:58$ - 1 x Dedicated CPU - 8 GB -...
  11. vampyren

    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June

    Just to add we have now also added one additional server with the same spec as the others, meaning the total cost will be 2393$ vs 1595$. Purpose of the new server is to be used for the homepage So basically this funding will cover 1595/2393= ~ 6 months of funding for all servers since...
  12. vampyren

    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June

    Good question :) I took over without knowing much. I'm more acting as custodial. But now that we have cleaned up i think its a bit more clear the purpose of the servers. Server1: document, forum, pivxfoundation and i maybe the toolbox (not sure about this one). Server2: testnet, blockchain...
  13. vampyren

    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June

    Title: VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June Name: VPS_Expenses_2023_Aug-June Term: 1 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 6135 PIV Total Amnt: 6135 PIV Author: vampyren Receiver: vampyren Address: DA2ns3WFJansUwdRUtfPHWqdYmCCzj9MXB Created: 2023-05-04 Status: Active Vote Hash...
  14. vampyren

    Archived NOW Products Integration

    Agree! Way way to much for what it gives. Also i read on their page that they use Simplex for purchases and they are not that good. I remember using them when i used Bitstamp and it could take a day or so when they did the KYC shizzle. No way to contact them either.
  15. vampyren

    Archived VPS_Expenses_2023

    Title: VPS_Expenses_2023 Name: VPS_Expenses_2023 Term: 1 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 5560 PIV Total Amnt: 5560 PIV Author: vampyren Receiver: vampyren Address: D9XL2DAAjB4WqD3mfGWJDswnptsyuxTYJS Created: 2022-10-01 Status: Active Vote Hash...
  16. vampyren

    Archived PIVX Official Social Media Lead and Community Builder.

    Really glad that you will continue with the great work your doing. 100% YES from me.
  17. vampyren

    Archived VPS Expenses 2022 (May-Dec)

    Title: VPS Expenses 2022 (May-Dec) Name: VPS Expenses 2022 (May-Dec) Term: 1 Cycles Cycle Amnt: 9368 PIV Total Amnt: 9368 PIV Author: vampyren Receiver: vampyren Address: D9XL2DAAjB4WqD3mfGWJDswnptsyuxTYJS Created: 2022-05-01 Status: Active Vote Hash...
  18. vampyren

    Archived PIVX Labs Expansion

    Amazing work! This looks great and we actually are growing!
  19. vampyren

    Masternode Setup Guide

    For people doing it the first time i think you also need to do this: cd ~/pivx-5.1.0/ && ./ before starting the wallet or it will complain.
  20. vampyren

    Archived Additional Marketing Fund Jan-Jun 2021

    Keep up the awesome work. I Say go for it.