2018-02-16 PIVX For Social Good - How to Make Charity Donations Using PIVX


Helperbit opens to altcoins

February 16, 2018 (PIVX mentioned)


How to donate in bitcoin without being registered?

It is possible to donate in bitcoin by clicking on the “Donate” button, entering the amount you wish to donate and selecting “bitcoin” as the payment method. When this step is complete, the QR Code shows the information needed to make the transaction (bitcoin address of the beneficiary and the amount to be paid); alternatively, you can only copy the bitcoin address and manually set the desired amount using your personal bitcoin wallet.

How to donate using other cryptocurrencies?

Thanks to the collaboration with Flyp.me, you can donate using one of the 18 available altcoins: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, DogeCoin, Syscoin, PeerCoin, BlackCoin, GridCoin, FairCoin, GameCoin, Decred, Flyp Token, Pivx, CreativeCoin, Basic Attention Token, BLOCKv and EOS. When the service receives the cryptocurrency that you choose, the entire exchange operation is carried out automatically and within a few minutes, allowing the donor to follow the change in real time and the subsequent sending of the equivalent bitcoin amount to the final recipient.