After upgrading to version 3.0.5 - all coin mining is lost and synchronization is stopped at 907999!


After upgrading to version 3.0.5 - all coin mining is lost and synchronization is stopped at 907999!
What to do? Can anyone help me?


Same exact issue, same exact block. Sheesh


Same exact issue here.
Solved my issue by going to:

Getting the snapshot from:


kannst du mir auf deutsch erklären wie das funktioniert?
bei mir steckts auch bei block 907999


hi auch,
du lädst dir hier den letzten snapshot der blockchain runter:

dann musst du in deinem pivx ordner die 4 ordner löschen und durch die aus dem snapshot ersetzen.
Vorher das wallet zumachen und deine 4 Ordner sichern. Nicht vergessen die wallet.dat zu sichern.
Das hat bei mir funktioniert.
Am schnellsten kommst Du zum Ordner unter Werkzeuge/Automatische Sicherheitskopien anzeigen und dann in den darüberliegenden Ordner wechseln.


Danke dir hat geklappt!


Oh so Support here doesn’t help at all. I see many people facing this problem and there is no respond to solve the issue


I have the same problem - stuck at 907999 block. “resync”, “reindex” and “forcestart” didn’t fix the problem.

According to this page “sporks” and “zerocoin” folders need to be replaced as well.

This official guide says DO NOT delete these two folders (unless told otherwise by support or official guide).

Is it safe to delete “sporks” and “zerocoin” folders? I have a little bit of zPIV and wonder if there is any impact to that.

debug.log shows an invalid chain was found at 908000.

2017-11-29 11:32:03 EraseCheckpoints : erasing checksums for block 907999
2017-11-29 11:32:19 ConnectBlock: block=908000 calculated: 2a5e6e4653ade0daab40592294b90be594ac53c6b82e635092ba5a8fceb4b60b
block: 05f36a5afa88c8e36c88eaf3c7b5517b28c57d3b24aabad692deaf95ef964f8c
2017-11-29 11:32:19 ERROR: ConnectBlock() : accumulator does not match calculated value
2017-11-29 11:32:19 Misbehaving: (0 -> 100) BAN THRESHOLD EXCEEDED
2017-11-29 11:32:19 InvalidChainFound: invalid block=202708f8c289b676fceb832a079ff6b308a28608339acbf7584de533619d014d height=908000 log2_work=68.548581 date=2017-11-17 19:57:07
2017-11-29 11:32:19 InvalidChainFound: current best=e8e4d136277d9b791a4e60c873d10659f2a86b055af1e3d7f245896444760f21 height=907999 log2_work=68.548579 date=2017-11-17 18:30:32


I had this too but this was solved when I had installed version of the wallet software.


I have been using the latest version Prior to the problem it was working fine as far as I know. It looks something changed and it suddenly exhibited the symptom.


There does not seem to be any other option other than using the snapshot for me. I tried it and worked perfectly. I can see the zPIV amount as well.