Altcoin is priced based on opportunities. Not community, privacy and democracy only


Hi guys.
I have been on slack for a while and assisted in translated the home pages. All the “workers” are working hard to implement Zerocoin, which is important. BUT my friends - we are not going to get the right people involved discussing zerocoin and amount of community members all the time. The involvement in marketing doing posters, t-shirts etc. is fine and well performed - but I think it is too early trying to sell the concept. I believe the community needs to look forward and to start talking about the future usage of the currency. Otherwise I think it will be difficult to find investors and masternode owners that will bind money into the PIVX project. Because it is not clear what the project is. I thing we need to ask some questions, and get them answered quickly - locking the road ahead towards some milestones in one direction. Privacy is secured already by Zcash for those who want that as the most important thing. Speed will develop on other crypto tokens as well - so the focus must be on creating a reliable ww currency that can be used on a day to day basis - at least if we follow the white paper. so I suggest that masternode owners (i’m not one of them) start to discuss how to align proposals with the whitepaper. Or to update the whitepaper with some more concrete statements asuring the direction.

  1. What is the purpose of the project - in a concrete measurable way?
  2. As a part of that - what will the next 5 milestones be? (Zerocoin is one)
  3. In what way does PIVX differ from other altcoins when it comes to purpose,?Not transaction speed reward system etc. because that is first of all something all the other projects will be compeeting on as well, and some of them might beet us there. So PURPOSE must be emphazised much more in the roadmap.
  4. How can the democracy be developed to stay on the road so to speak without centralizing decissions? That is important. Because there are many good ideas out there (and here) that cannot all be a part of the PIVX project, and it should be easy for everyone to read what it is all about - which it is not for the time beeing.
  5. When it comes to development it is easier for developers to do it right (or almost right) the first time, if future purpose and planned usage of the currency is clear. Therefore again as the last question, which must be asked over and over again WHAT IS THEPURPOSE? That would streamline suggestions in such a way that suggestions would have to point in the same direction, making it possible for development groups to join in being asured that their work will not be wasted.
  6. The democracy thought is a great opportunity to get people involved and entusiastic about their work and ideas - but to succeed I strongly believe that the whitepapers should set a direction regarding the purpose of the project, and that proposals that are outside the frame would be rejected by the democratic laws described in that very paper. Like a constitution so to speak. The guide to proposals is really good, and should be as is, but I thing some borders on proposals to stay on the road would be prudent.
    Question number 6, Again What is the purpose of the pivx project when it comes to future usage?
    7: What difference SHOULD the PIVX bring to society? Not thinking of transaction speed and privacy - that is not uniq - no what difference would it make if PIVX was not there? That should be asked.
    So everyone - keep up the good work, but please consider above question Especially the last one - I hope that will assist us in defining a main purpose and to proliferate knowledge and wish for the PIVX project to become a real changer.

I am not sure where to take that discussion - Slack might not be the right place. Even though price is not the important thing right now, it has relevans though. In order to keep up the network and maintaining the masternodes- outlook to some profit must be there in the long run.

Please do not look at this in a negative way. Speed and privacy is important - and that is described in the whitepaper as the purpose - but that is a technical purpose - and I assume that was what started the project in the first place - which has brought us to the current state. And thank you all developers for that. Now we need a business purpose written into the whitepaper to streamline development in the same chosen direction - and I am sure we will get there. We just need to put it down on paper.
Stay tuned.


I think it will be difficult to find investors and owners of Masurour owners that money will be made in the PVV project. Because it is not clear what this plan is. I am sorry we have to ask a few questions, and instantly answer them - moving forward towards a milestone in one direction. How to get rid Gmail Error 007.