Bug Bounty Program


The Core Dev’s are starting a Bug Bounty Program, The terms of this program are still being developed and will be posted here when they are finished.

I will be creating a proposal today to start collecting PIV to support this project for the forseable future. These funds will also be used to support a crypto contest we may hold in the near future, and an audit if the funding pool becomes large enough to pay for such an audit.

this will be the address to hold the funds.


We hope that Others will also donate to this program if they are able.



Please Vote Yes



“mnbudget vote-many 0885ebe1c7a127556bc49743a7daac8ff875a366e4027486ce1653159f3c6ee0 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 0885ebe1c7a127556bc49743a7daac8ff875a366e4027486ce1653159f3c6ee0 no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo bug-bounty” to check the status

New Bug Bounty Proposal

You’ve collected 12.5k pivx in superblocks 777600 through 950400. Still no proposal.
Now that the quota generated for you each month is over 30k USD, you might want to elucidate where the PIVX’s budget funds are going to.
To this day there is no open bug bounty,


That is more than enough $ to hire professional software bug finders.
Like https://www.bugfinders.com/ and https://www.hackerone.com


I discovered a bug, and it was fixed

Can I receive something from the bug bounty program?

My pivx address is:

PIVX Address: DPqjcGXuERhvFzqWq9jnx5bcg3gQyUHX5f


The funds are still sitting at that address as can be verified by anyone… There will be an update to the program shortly, Sorry for the delay, but Life has gotten in the way.

I have merely started the process, but a well known member of the crypto sphere will be heading up this program, and we will have more information shortly. We are lucky to have him involved, so please be patient.