Buy something real with your PIVX coins!


Would it be a good idea that I will sent you guys some goodies like Belgian cookies or chocolate, if you fill sent some PIVX to my receive address an fill the sent label with your home address?
or your e-mail address, so we can communicate… My PIVX receive = DArqMeRChXhGJgdR4Y2Wk81vghQjHCQN7P.
Has anyone some experience with this, what about border controle, food regulations??


Haha damn! :slight_smile: Seems that I need to go sleep as I read if you sent me some Belgian cookies or chocolate I will send you some PIVX.

Anyhow Belgian cookies and chocolate are great! (I am Belgian myself so :smiley:)


Hello Bear,

Nice to hear that you are from Belgium living in another country, I have done some research and if I sent it from person to friend I have to sent it without invoice and mention: not for resale…

What do you want me to sent?