California Meet-up



28-29 July 2017 - San Francisco
A weekend of PIVX-centered event in the heart of San Francisco, CA.

Goal Statement:
Our community’s first California meet-up among the most influential members of the community, the development team and simple friendly lurkers.

Who Will It Affect?
Everyone! San Francisco is home to some of the most wealthiest companies in tech and finance. The Crypto community in SF is rapidly growing. This is the place to show off our style!

The participating members will have a chance to spend time in fellow Pivians’ company, share opinions, and collaborate on innovative plans for the future of PIVX!.

Ideally the community as a whole will be affected: new entries will potentially be recruited, the attention and publicity of the San Francisco PIVX-centered rendezvous will resonate with the young, tech-savvy citizens of San Francisco and the world, allowing for new investment and projects with renewed confidence and enthusiasm in our fellow PIVX peers.

The personal, humanitarian aspect of currency is PIVX’s core feature. To stay true to this principle, virtual communication simply isn’t enough. The California meeting will grant a physical platform, accommodating old foundational members as well as newbies from all over the World. Handles will finally take life, horse avatars will be slowly replaced by breathing bodies under the delightful Californian sun, and ultimately deeper bonds will be able to take root and flourish.

Athough there may not be any direct, measurable outcomes to mere dialogue, by no means should this meeting be understood as inconsequential. We’re not a conventional project, and as such most of our forces aren’t directed to conventional outcomes. Community, humanity and discourse is our niche we truly excel in. PIVX’s value lies in how true we remain to our original goals.

This meetup has been a coordinated effort initiated by @buer and @mikedub quickly attracting great interest and attendees. The on-ground participants @spock @mikedub , @fuzzbawls have been managing the physical organization of our meet up, selecting the venue(s) and assisting in logistics. @buer has been recruiting members, overlooking the meeting’s when and whereabouts and coordinating with potential participants. Notable Pivians which will be taking part in this event but not noted above include @grant , @snappysnap , and our very own YouTube promoter Frances Reyes.

None of the above require retribution, the budget requested will be used exclusively for community purposes such as location, food, drink and limited travel expenses.
The funds, if this proposal passes are to be held in a common fund managed by @mikedub and @buer and redistributed by general consensus when the final expense tally gets finalized.

We are asking for 1400 PIVX plus a 100 pivx proposal refund for a total of 1500 PIVX.
This capital will go towards paying for community spending such as location, transportation, and food and drinks as few examples.

Given the unlikelihood these goods and services will be payable directly with PIVX, the participants will be held to advance payment to then be reimbursed the PIVX equivalent a later time.

Budget outputs and requests will be held on a specially prepared spreadsheet available for all to see, and will be decided upon by general consensus: ie. priorities will be venue, transportation and refreshments.
The excess will be divided upon petitioners in covering whichever percentage the consensus deems reasonable of their individual expenses.

The budget is aimed to facilitate whomever would like to join but might have limited logistical and/or financial means.

It is important to note that refunds will be acceptable if the expenses are in relation to the shown need.

Refreshment consumption is to be limited, transportation affordable (BART or low fare Uber/Lyft rather than Taxi or more expensive transportation services), and requesting refund percentage reasonable for it to be considered.

PS. Any eventual excess will be put forth in a fund specifically designed for promoting and financing future PIVX meetups.



Name: sfmeetup
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mnbudget getinfo sfmeetup
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PIVX Summits 2018

Very cool! I fully support this.


Thank you @Buer @MikeDub and the PIVX Admins who worked hard for getting this SF Meet up organized! Can’t wait to meet you all! :slight_smile: