Can any setting be changed from a file?


When I increased the size of database cache to the maximum, it took a while for it to load even though I am running it on a fairly high end computer (Intel i7 3.6 GHz quad core 8 threads water cooled; Nvidia 980 Ti water cooled; 64 GB DDR4 RAM expandable to 128 GB; 50 TB hard drives) but it did eventually start.

It made me wonder though: What if I change a setting that in turn keeps the program from being able to launch?I looked at the pivx.config file, but it’s 0 kb in size and empty. Is there some other location where these settings are stored? or else some way to override a setting that has been set from within the program prior to launching in case it breaks, or would I basically have to redo everything and restore a backup if something like that happens?

Also, in addition to wallet files, is there any way to restore from a seed phrase like in the Electrum wallets? I like having a physical printed copy of my wallet seeds kept in a safe in case some catastrophic disaster destroys my files, and while I can of course keep a flash drive in a safe I’d feel safer having something I can write down or even memorize.