Community Engagement / Project Management / Conduit Proposal


Hi PIVIANS and the greater PIVX Community!

My name is Steph.

I am a Canadian crypto enthusiast with a serious passion for environmental regeneration and human potential. I’ve worked as a Project Manager / Liaison and Social Media Manager for other projects including Adbank, which yes, means I’ve worked successfully hand in hand with PIVX’s new marketing duo Angelo and Kelsey)

I am also currently involved in the UN SDG Impact Fund, with the goal of leveraging technology (including blockchain technology) to complete the Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

I believe women have an important role to play in creating a positive reality for the future of the planet. I’m a huge advocate for women’s involvement in the crypto industry and hope to encourage more and more like-minded women to get on board, and hopefully, involved with and become champions of, PIVX.

I am excited and hopeful to contribute to this vibrant community and help it grow, thrive and have a positive effect on the lives of many.

Proposal Intro

I intend to use the skills and experience that I have acquired in the realm of marketing and crypto to help strengthen and grow the PIVX community. While the best word or description for the proposed role might be “project manager/coordinator”, the scope of my proposed work and assistance isn’t limited to a “specific” role per say. From my awareness and observation, PIVX could really shine with a few key individuals who take on a support role to the various “departments” of PIVX, helping to solidify communication within and without of PIVX. I’ve outlined the various roles/spots I see where I could be of use below. I fully appreciate the decentralized/fluid roles that exist within a project such as PIVX, and would love to become one of the supporting anchors for this ecosystem to grow.

Social Media

  1. Content creation (assisting with copy, narratives, stories, and editing)
  2. Coordination across Social media posting (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, SteemIt, Pinterest)
  3. Internal community engagement (discord, telegram)
  4. External community engagement (conversations in various social channels, engaging with influencers, etc).
  5. Social media analytics and metrics
  • Community engagement - prompting community members to actively join daily discussions
  • Working in harmony with Chad & team to create visually appealing social content to keep people informed, excited and inspired (informative messaging, visual representations)
  • Growing the community by teaching others about the project (non-crypto niches) via various social channels, creating a buzz.
  • Posting regularly to maintain a relevant presence in the crypto community
  • Creating content and brand material that communicates the vision of PIVX to the world in a professional way (by working alongside Kelsey, Angelo, Snappy & Chad)
  • Measuring and tracking the success of social media posts and marketing initiatives, web traffic etc. (google optimize and google analytics) Weekly status shared in Discord and on the forum for the community. I realize that there are other community members doing this as well, and would love to bring my expertise in this area to help dive deeper into the meaning, help do market testing, define appropriate hashtags and markets to focus on. The goal is to take this from data reporting, into data extrapolation to help inform and propel decision making.

Eco Ambassador

  • Very few people know that PIVX is one of, if not the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies in the world— being a passionate environmental activist, I want to majorly change that.
  • Focus on getting PIVX in the forefront of enviro-conversations, Impact Blockchain initiatives and global climate change conversations.
  • Bring “green awareness” to the forefront of the PIVX brand and community by working with Kelsey, Angelo and Chad to incorporate enviro stats into PIVX messaging
  • Pitches, story angles and research (internal and external) to weave a green thread through the content strategy & PR strategy.

Female PIVX Ambassador

  • I would be happy to serve as another female ambassador of and for PIVX. One of the biggest (and important) trend in emerging markets, let alone tech markets, is the inclusion, support, and growth of females in the “working” environment. As the majority of crypto is still heavily male-dominated (nothing wrong with that per-say), having more female voices champion PIVX will only aid in its adoption and growth, especially with the female demographic (50% of world’s population).

Outreach Project Management

  • I would serve as the point for aggregating (and helping to create) event toolkits and coordination (helping to send materials to PIVX conference appearances, liaising with PIVIANS around the globe to make sure they have up to date decks, logo, event descriptions, branded materials, swag, etc). This is crucial and can become a big influencer to allow more individuals access to simple to use “kits” to host their own meetups, all the way to ensuring that the intricate details of larger PIVX events and conferences are taken care of.
  • Working on impact projects through the PIVX involvement in the SDG Impact Fund (with Kelsey & Snappy) — helping to communicate the impact PIVX is having on the world to the community and beyond
  • Working with other project managers and team members to ensure all communication is translated and shared in our global communities (on PIVX specific twitter accounts, etc.)

Inbound Communications Lead

  • It’s essential to have proper management, follow up, and execution of inbound requests to the PIVX community. From scheduling interviews with Key PIVIANS, to pointing individuals to proper marketing materials, filtering out spam requests, etc. become known as one of the “go-tos” to ensure information is communicated efficiently and effectively.


I would work largely through the Clickup platform (keeping track of metrics, etc), and would prepare various levels of reports (for social media analytics, those would come weekly). For larger scope work, that would come monthly.


For the above - I will be working and volunteering my time over the next month, getting to know the community, allowing you all to get to know me.

After this, I would like to request 1500 USD amount of PIV a month, for 3 months.


Steph is an experienced digital marketing maven. She has worked with a number of tech companies and startups including Adbank, where she worked closely with Kelsey Cole and Angelo Dodaro on marketing and strategy. Steph has experience in measuring and analyzing social media effectiveness and tying it to ROI. Working for a small craft software company developing strategy and creating content, Steph was successful in increasing company sales and web traffic by over 50% in 1 year.

Steph is currently involved in the UN SDG Impact Fund working in a project management role. She has also worked closely with a transit ecosystem blockchain startup project called Freeli, helping to develop the brand and create a go-to market strategy.

Steph has a bilingual undergraduate degree in Economics, which sparked her interest and appreciation for blockchain tech. Since becoming involved in the world of blockchain, Steph has gravitated toward projects that are in service to people and the planet.

Hobbies include; Yoga/meditation, growing plants, skiing and learning :slight_smile:


Looks pretty good, quite similar to stontiums proposal which I also liked.

Would love if you joined our discord as thats the best way to get to know everyone, If you’re already there then please let us know your handle and feel free to join all the convos.

looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

links to your linkedin and twitter would also help.

Keep it purple


I have started to work with Steph and have followed her successful work on past projects- this is a definite YES!!