Creative Design Plus


AThe Rhubarbarians ( are presenting this new proposal to support any creative design needed for announcements, events, web updates, for PIVX. We will also help fill in the gap in supporting Social media management, although it will be limited.

PLUS: In addition, we will come up with campaign creative to fill in the gaps between announcements and updates. These will include, but not be limited to sponsorship marketing, contests, General PIVX highlight creative, regional creative marketing support for other language groups. We get inundated by requests every week and this increase will go to help cover this to some level.

We will also continue to offer some skin-in-the-game, offering hours above and beyond the budgeted hours in the budget.

Typical designs work includes:

  • Announcements (Tech, exchanges, community, events, etc)
  • Web graphics updates (main, AMbassadors, PIVXplaces)
  • Campaign Creative
  • Project management

This is on top of all the Ambassador work were doing (privately funded) for local initiatives, meetups and larger event support for events like Seoul, Korea, Bogata Colombia, and Sao Paolo, Brasil.

We’ve been serving the PIVX brand and team since Dec 2016. We’ve stuck with it through good and bad times. We’ve offered help even when budgets were not paid out for various reasons and invested in Exchange additions and other Support needs along the way, donating thousands. Thanks!

With much Purple Love,
Chad Ballantyne and Design Team

Creative Design Plus
Total Budget for creative and branding content creation
• 3000 PIVX/month

Design and Web:
Creative Director - Myself (Chad Ballantyne)
Designer, Dan Hotchkiss and Jeni Ball as Co-Lead Designers,
Project Management:
Rhubarbarian (Chad)
Joelle Crossley


Creative MArketing Support Plus
• 3000 PIVX/month
TOTAL :3000 PIV x 3 months

Proposal Name:



To vote in favor
mnbudgetvote many fe4834366b2dd8a67e62d7aa694fb7afe0c6882d2cb4e0ac563f4effb2ddbc5b yes

To vote no
mnbudgetvote many fe4834366b2dd8a67e62d7aa694fb7afe0c6882d2cb4e0ac563f4effb2ddbc5b no

"mnbudget getinfo CreativeDesignPlus” to check the status

Proposal Fee:
We will be asking for the 55 PIV in fees to be reimbursed.

Creative Design 2
Creative Design 3

the formatting of your proposal is really great. Then from a personal perspective, I believe a p2p texas hold’hem poker system with zpiv would bring a better return than your proposal, but I believe and will let the vote decide on the faith of your idea. thanks a lot of submitting it in such a clear and clever way.

Until then I loved most info-graphics made for pivx, the wind turbine, the chilling on the moon etc, however I was surprised by the lack of initiative on the bitcointalk forum, for example with just a modest signature campaign which would have brought awareness to the armies of sig farmers there.


To keep you all in the loop as to things in the hopper and have worked on this past month and a bit

We’ve tried to create or pull stories/content around the 5 key pilars of the brand foundation -all this is held loosely, just putting it all on the table for review…

Brand Building, Community Building, Education/Tech, Grassroots Adoption and Influencer networks

Some projects are one of the pillar, but any can overlap.


CRIS Cyborg campaign/sponsorship

  • press release/blog post
  • send shwag
  • use pics they provide
  • Trivia contest
    social posts and mentions/capturing our brand


  • Press release and blog
  • teaser graphics
  • launch graphics
  • posts to all social channels
  • DYK? vid

Luke Fullbrook PIVXsports sponsorship (UK Strongman)

  • Blog/article in the works
  • Video being sent from Luke as a “Hi PIVX/thanks, etc”
  • A few graphics for social
  • Worked on getting him PIVX wear (caps, t-shirts, sweats, tank, etc)

Discord Bots taking over the Community

  • feel good article on the bots and community member feature
  • Designing a bot character for use on going to promote the bots (tipping, proposals, DJ/Radio, Utility)
  • DYK? Video
    Timing: delivered

Javawokies - local robotics club. They have an amazing 14 year old gal who’s great on camera and is all about WIT! Women in Tech!

  • Feature intro video - and monthly videos, they shoot and edit.
  • Page for accepting donations for their bot - Done
  • Working on some branding and helping them start posting and tagging PIVX, etc
    Timing: Video and intro to the community - this week/next. We’re with them for the next 4 months

PIVX/USDTBittrex campaign
We heard from Bittrex that PIVX/USDT paring could be added to Bittrex, bgroundswelled is a ground swell of interest shown to them.

  • use #PIVXUSDTBittrex and ask members to tweet, post, comment in forums to ask Bittrex to add PIVX.
  • We will do up some creative for social- Requesting a DYK? Video asking the community to act
    Timing: delivered

PIVX 101 Campaign
Goal: to introduce people to PIVX “again, for the first time”. Stole that from Kellogg’s. :slight_smile:

PURPLE BOX - PIVX Ambassador Tool box

  • print media, cards, brochure, banner
  • Some PIVX wear for ambassador to rep
  • Some swag for first few events (t-shirts, phone grips, pens, pins, etc)
  • Thumb-drive or just a link to a folder for presentational templates, brand assets, etc.
    Timing: love to have a draft digital “box” ready in 2-3 weeks - we need cash for shwag

PIVX Animation Video

We have one out introducing zPIV. We’d love to do a chapter 2 on zPoS (same style, characters, etc)
  • need budget approx $5000
    Timing: tbd

How It Works (HIW) video series with Jeffery - casual live on location video series featuring PIVX tech and how things work, but making it practical

  • in the works
    Timing: tbd

Other Campaigns I’d like to see this year

PIVX - The Mother Forking Coin! Ha - jk, but some commentary discussion around The tech and innovation and gather the stats.
"With the massive amount of forks, copies and clones of PIVX and the noticeable interest in PoS, privacy and the security that comes with that, it seems like the new GOLD standard for cryptocurrency… is PURPLE.”

PIVXFirst Campaign - Highlighting PIVX tech innovations

  • Graphics for social and video (we’ve done a series already)
  • Blog posts
  • A press release would be good for this
    Timing: tbd

Meet the Devs
We started a Dev Battle Card series last year, but the timing was never right
Love to see it fly.

We need a PIVX Store and a budget to design and create march and swag for events and for PIVians to order.

Rhubarb/Chad’s ongoing work

  • Creative Design support for all departments, including re-design for other regions with translation support (Including White-papers and other tech docs as well)

  • Community manager - very active in Discord, helping cheering people on

  • Event Support - co-coordinator, brand support, speaker

  • Social media postings - twitter.facebook, linked In mainly

  • Ambassador Shepherd - Encouraging, equipping and promoting their events and activities each month.

  • - getting the ambassadors to add merchants monthly and then we would profile a merchant each week on social.

  • PIVXSports Shepherd - intake, equipping and pulling marketing fodder ongoing. Design and social posts (bringing in a new lead to help here)

  • Video Editor for PIVXpress and DTK? Videos

  • Web updates as requested - exchange additions, white papers, etc

  • I clean washrooms and am a decent cook… :slight_smile:

The Rhubarb Team
Chad - Creative Director/designer
Jeni - Graphic Designer
Joelle - Project manager/admin
Mario - Web dev