Creative Design Support


The Rhubarbarians ( are presenting this proposal to support any creative design needed to for announcements, events, web updates, etc for PIVX. We will also help fill in the gap in supporting Social media management, although it will be limited.

We will also continue to offer some skin-in-the-game, offering hours above and beyond the budgeted hours in the budget.

Typical designs work includes:

  • Announcements (Tech, exchanges, community, events, etc)
  • Web graphics updates
  • Campaign creative as needed
  • Project management

This is on top of all the Ambassador work were doing (privately funded) for local initiatives, meetups and larger event support for events like Seoul, Korea, Bogata Colombia, and Sao Paolo, Brasil.

With much Purple Love,
Chad Ballantyne and Design Team

Creative Design Support
Total Budget for creative and branding content creation
• 1500 PIVX/month

Design and Web:
Creative Director - Myself (Chad Ballantyne)
Designer, Dan Hotchkiss and Jeni Ball as Co-Lead Designers,
Project Management:
Rhubarbarian (Chad)
Joelle Crossley


Creative Design Support (Production)
• 1500 PIVX/month

TOTAL:1500 PIV x 3 months

Proposal Name:



“mnbudget vote-many 7e830c7b1b3849d083a9133ceba2838ff9c0b062915b584a0651c73bfe20e37b
yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 7e830c7b1b3849d083a9133ceba2838ff9c0b062915b584a0651c73bfe20e37b
no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo CreativeDesign” to check the status

Proposal Fee:
We will not be asking for the 55 PIV in fees to be reimbursed.

October 2018 Budget Maximizing

With all that’s coming up soon we certainly need something to put out! You’re the only ones who have been filling this void over the past several months, and have done your best to accommodate community requests such as the new homepage on out of pocket through this time. Personally, I think it only fair you’re paid for it—particularly seeing how modest this request is. Good luck :+1:


I Echo Strontiums sentiment. Best of Luck, I’m supporting this proposal! Thanks for all you guys have done for PIVX thus far! keep up the great work!


Rhubarbarian report…Been working on a lot on assorted projects this past month!!

  • Exchange announcements, and upcoming exchange anns graphics
  • Supporting our Ambassadors around the globe (meetup graphics, materials)
  • Continued work on PIVXplaces with help from Jeffery
  • Merchant appreciation ads (more coming)
  • Developed a new application for for Ambassadors to go with a criteria page
  • Supporting graphics for the new PIVXcentral and PIVXworld web portal
  • PIVX Alliance support
  • Working on Captain Jack support with @stontuim working on a strategy for Japan mark
  • Lead and helped organize our LATAM team in attending 2 conferences and meetups, (Sao Palo, Brazil and Bogata, Colombia) Update on SaoPalo coming.
  • Support with Seoul event prep, (business cards, shwag prep)
  • Transforming some core graphics for our Korean community (PIVX accepted here new sticker pack)
  • Doing assorted main website updates (updated Roadmap page with progress)
  • Social media designs for new mobile wallet, PIVXworld, PIVXplaces, contest, etc
  • Working on shoring up the comparison charts with @Strontium and others
  • Bringing some business Development energy in with NUMO and PIVX
  • Continued work with our City on blockchain projects like blockchain and buskers, more events coming this winter
  • Community management as needed, plus skin in the game where the budget was not sufficient.
  • PIVXPress and DYK? post production


Thank you @Rhubarbarian for all you do for the community, you are a very important part of the LATAM community :purple_heart:


I hope the MNO realice the import of this proposal, and please vote yes. :grin: