Current PIVX wallet & network status (10/20/2017)


Developers are trying to establish a strong network while also trying to determine any bug that may exist.

For now, please close your wallets, hold on to your wallet.dat and hang tight. Your coins are safe this way.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Will keep everyone posted.

UPDATE: New wallet has been released since this announcement. Please check latest news post for more info. (10/24/2017)


When well got a wallet to operate ?


Can we expect a response before PIVX reaches $ 0?

What impotence!


This is a delicate process that the core development team wishes to solve completely before releasing an update. The value of anything drops when people are nervous about a commodity; however, we invested in PIVX for there motivated, progressive, and transparent team who have not changed from last week when PIVX was 4$. I am hoping to continue to invest in this team and their vision, not the current market price.


Hello Jakiman,

A tip: Someone from support, slack or this website should send all participants or Pivx a mail in this type of case of emergency. Not everybody is a regular visitor to this site or on the slack, so some still do not know what’s going on. They may still have the wallet open or not upgrade later on. This is part of the maturity where Pivx grows to. Besides, it prevents many questions or angry reaction for support, slack or this website.

good luck with solving the problem.

“Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:


I think the word you wanted there was ‘incompetence’. And maybe you’re right but I happen to like that Pivx is more adventurous and aims for faster progress than any other coin I take seriously enough to buy.


The word incompetence is only suitable for cryptos that do not have a capable dev team when their cloned coin starts to not work. I wonder how many coins have a dedicated & capable development team that can fix an issue like this within a couple of days? Probably only a handful in a 1200+ crypto coin market IMO. Keep in mind that PIVX developers have done something that no other crypto has done. Implement a customized Zerocoin protocol on a proof of stake coin that actually works and performs better than its competition. :slight_smile:

FYI - We now have a Release Candidate 2 wallet that you can now download and use.
Once all is okay, a new final version will be released for everyone + exchanges.