Dev's Monthly Compensation



If you don’t pay the Dev’s then PIVX dies. This one seems pretty obvious as they’ve done a great job already and the new features in the roadmap need to be implemented in order for PIVX’s price to rise.


We have just added some more Dev’s… :stuck_out_tongue: Please vote yes… :slight_smile:


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“mnbudget vote-many 320231e842396327cade674fb6e9552028fb87c5b2eeee8e910285a50fe05682
yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 320231e842396327cade674fb6e9552028fb87c5b2eeee8e910285a50fe05682
no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo core-dev-fuel+2” to check the status


How many Dev’s specifically? Also, this proposal seems like it is involving a group of people that are not listed, and not specific to you as a developer.

12 months is reasonable assuming they have a few years behind them, but is there anyway to withdraw the funding to a single Dev if they chose to leave? What about the addition of more developers, maybe you should ask for a sum of money split evenly amount the devs which would allow for growth???


Why not just ask for money for specific projects and follow a POW model. If the funding were allocated based on specific projects, it would be less communistic and promote creativity and competition.


I manage the core Dev’s at this point, so their stipends go through me. If there is an issue, or one dev chooses to leave, this can be remedied. (Though I do not think you need to worry about that) there will be 8 Dev’s, and honestly, we need more core dev’s working on the core items. There will still be ongoing contracted work as we still don’t have enough Dev’s to cove the work that will be ongoing.


So you are saying you want a budget to sustain the core dev team who has earned their roles as such?

The 12 month term makes me a bit uncomfortable, a year is a very long time. Especially for a crypto community that is so young. Especially when the cost to create a proposal is so cheap.


The description lack of information to make an informed decision.

What part of the total monthly budget does it represent?
How many dev?
Does all DEV deserve the same pay?
What the book of work/road map of delivery and how does it fit with the resource we have.
Any plan do grow the number of Dev during this period?

A budget should be decided as a whole to make sense. Pulling out one item and asking for a vote does not work to get a budget that fly. That’s probably why most of the answer are “yes we should pay the Dev”. but that’s not the question, everyone agree we should pay the dev.

I am trying to help by challenging constructively, in all honesty I am not able to give an informed vote here.


As it stands, there are 6 Dev’s, a Cryptographer and 3 junior Dev’s. All of which are seriously under paid. so not sure why you are being so aggressive.

You can see what the actual budget for the Dev’s is by looking at the proposals…


Hello All,

It is that time again, New Developer Budget Proposal. We have had a decent amount of Development items on going this year and moving forward will be no different.

At this time, we have 5 Core Dev’s, 2 Cryptographers and 4 Junior Dev’s

Obviously the funds we have in the existing budget are not covering the monthly costs of the Dev’s we have, so I have been covering the difference until this proposal could be created when the budget increase activated.

We will be bringing on a new Core Dev (furszy) as well as upgrading at least one of the Junior Dev’s to a Core Developer.

Core Dev’s/Cryptographers will continue to receive 1k PIV a month and Jr Dev’s will receive 250 PIV a month. I would also like to increase the amount of Junior Dev’s this year.

I will be creating a New proposal for 11k PIV for the following

8 Core Dev’s
2 Cryptographers
4 Junior Dev’s

I will post the budget voting details here when ready. I would appreciate it if everyone would vote for this proposal.


“mnbudget vote-many ef30ebf8efef06d96f050656fbef9cfc807ebf0ae5b2c04a90b8ee9820092df5 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many ef30ebf8efef06d96f050656fbef9cfc807ebf0ae5b2c04a90b8ee9820092df5 no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo core-dev-fuel3” to check the status


I like the work that they have been doing and that I am seeing, good work!


First, to make this clear, I’m all for re-evaluation when the value of PIV goes up, no problem with that.

But, I also want to get your facts clear. And add some info for further thoughts…

  • Not all devs are US-based
  • 5k USD per Month is, by any standard, NOT much for the knowledge and for what the devs do
  • I think the first date the devs got a payment from this dev-budgets was 17. May 2017. At that time 1000 PIV was roughly 1000 USD. To give you some perspective, in my other professional life 1000 USD would not even be enough to hire me for one single day (only a fraction of that money ends up in my pockets, though. Taxes for companies and employees are high in my neck of the woods). None of the devs complained about that.

As far as I know some devs have already quit their former day-job, and others might do this in the future. In my opinion they should at least get what you’d normally get for a similar job in your region. And $5000 isn’t much for an experienced software developer in the crypto-world.


1 Year after this comment I would certainly be inclined to agree. Even if we worked on an average that crypto devs earn today it would be more than $5k per month. So I stand corrected on that point without any doubt or argument.

What would be good would be to know is how much devs actually wanted to be paid, and then we would more accurately know when the budget is fully satisfying this, we should also take into account all the time devs have been working for sub par pay.

I think that all the time the devs have worked without the budget satisfying their wage fully should be taken into account in all future proposals.


I can say, that we have been offer over $20k USD per month to work for other projects. I can also say that the avg developer in the US is paid over $15k USD per month or more. So we are still far from being paid what the average Dev costs would be, and it has always been my intent to pay the Dev’s a flat amount of PIV (so they see a future benefit for being loyal to the project), regardless of the value, as we were here long before PIV had any value and have stayed loyal to the project. just my 2 cents, but I would have an issue with renegotiating anything until the price of PIVX is steadily at $25, which will be awhile.


A couple of suggestions I have:

  1. In the original post, you should post how many developers are working on PIVX, how much each they are being paid, and what they are working on. This will let users understand the specific breakdown of how the PIV is going towards each developer for what they are doing for the coin.

  2. You should post the developer’s holdings. A developer who owns 1% of the coins wouldn’t necessarily need as much of a payment as somebody who owns no PIV.

  3. You should post the actual amount for the budget proposal in the proposal. How can people make a decision without knowing how much is being allocated?

I think these suggestions improve transparency and allow masternode holders to make a better decision. Let me know what you think!


The original post was for a different proposal. Not sure why s3v3n didn’t make a new thread for this one instead of posting a reply for the new budget.


No, thats a pretty bad suggestion. Not only does it go against the core value of privacy that PIVX embodies, it is also nobody’s business how many coins another person holds, and further has no bearing on salary whatsoever.


Sure. I understand. My thinking was that, at least for the team, transparency should be put above privacy, but I understand your point of view. As for the salary, a developer that owns 1% of PIV is more incentivized to improve the coin without as much as a salary as someone who owns no PIV.

Thanks for reading though my post. :slight_smile:


I don’t see a monthly report from the devs. They are likely swamped. So I will add my version here. I am not part of the dev team, and don’t even interact with them regularly. As such, this ‘report’ is likely incomplete and may be inaccurate. Still, for those that are looking for some info – this may help. Anyone that sees ‘errors or omissions’ can please chime in.

Current plan with the limited budget due to the extreme market correction is to wrap up innovations currently in progress, maintain the network, add some performance improvements, and take some time for resolution of some minor bugs.

At this point, there are 7 Core Developers, 3 Junior Developers and 2 Cryptographers. One of the Junior Developers is a Mathematician. Most are full-time. Some are part-time.

The Insight API has recently been added. ( This will make it far easier for web wallets and the like to interact with the PIVX network. It should open the door for a flurry of non-Core 3rd party web development activity.

zPIV is about to be released on Mobile. This is yet another HUGE market first for PIVX.

Part 1 of 2 changes to resolve the zPoS orphan issues has been added. The 2nd part will be included in the next protocol bump.

Please note that zDEX is a separate project, and privately funded outside the PIVX Treasury, and is therefore not part of this report.

Hope this all helps!


Ok, it is that time again, and based on feed back from many people in the community as well as core members, I am creating a new proposal, to combine the normal 11k proposal with a new proposal for 22k PIV per month for the Core Dev’s.

If this proposal will pass, please cancel the original proposal for 11k PIV


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“mnbudget vote-many c1824215a20c7acd60f54e43b1f0ea8ab93cf5e9946e466c9b30bb9ad9f6c7cf yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many c1824215a20c7acd60f54e43b1f0ea8ab93cf5e9946e466c9b30bb9ad9f6c7cf no” to vote against

"mnbudget getinfo dev-fuel-4 ” to check the status