Encrypted Pin Code USB for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android and other


  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android and other general-purpose systems.
  • Embedded military grade intelligent encrypted chip, make security totally independent of any external software or drive, absolutely safe.
  • Durable and widely used. 10-year battery life,simple automatic charge when plug in. Designed for any professions to secure vital data.
  • FIPS validated, dustproof, IP57 waterproof, aluminum alloy shell.
  • What You Get: Veecom USB flash drive, USB Type-c adapter, matched strap lanyard, 6-year warranty and friendly customer service.

Veecom encrypted USB flash drive brings sufficient data security to your fingertips. It makes keep and protect your vital data a breeze with your own unique PIN. The easy-to-use embedded keypad rightly prevent hack attacks via hardware and software key logging attempts. With rechargeable battery feature, it allow you unlock the drive before connecting to USB port. To further protects your data from brute force attacks, it will reset automatically if there is 10-consecutive-time enter by incorrect PIN. This encrypted USB flash drive is certified to meet the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) specification required by the US federal government for protection of sensitive data.