Fatal error at startup


On ubuntu right after startup I got:

"A fatal error occurred. PIVX can no longer continue safely and will quit.

EXCEPTION: N5boost12interprocess22interprocess_exceptionE
Permission denied
pivx in Runaway exception "

Windows version is also quite buggy to me. On XP client often crashes and corrupts db, that’s why I decided to try linux version.



I forgot to mention client version, for both os it was 2.1.6


I would suggest going on slack, if you have not already, to get help with this.


This simply looks like a permission issue. Try changing the folder and file permissions to the User instead of root and try again.


Yeah, I already figured that out. Thanks for reply.
But I still experience crashes and db corruptions after or during syncing. Hope there soon be a lightweight client like electrum that will free from the this pain.

Thanks for advise!