Female Olympic Triathlete (Australia) Sponsorship Possibility


Hey All,

Over the past several months I’ve been building contact and relationships with a powerhouse of a female athlete from Australia. She started at the age of 25, and in 3 years has shot through the ranks of professional Tri-Athalon competitions, consistently ranking in the top 10, usually 1 or 2.

She is already a BIG PIVX fan (she reached out to me), has wallets, knows how to use PIVX, etc.

Basically, we have an opportunity to be her main and only sponsor, which in return puts our logos on:

  • Training apparel
  • Racing apparel
  • Bike

On top of this, she would be willing to give weekly updates to the community (blogs/vlogs), continue her social media work (which now would include a lot of PIVX), and even represent PIVX in Australia and globally as she competes (and would be willing to attend events).

Since she’s usually on the podium/award stands, PIVX would be splashed in all her races (which, she does a LOT of).

AND: since she is basically at the head of her pack/age group, she is positioned to be one of Australia’s olympic athletes at the 2020 games. So, while that is a ways off, over the next year PIVX would have the benefit of synching with her as she vyes for this spot, and becomes more well known :slight_smile:


Range from minimal ($250-$300) for some gear/training apparel, up to $10k for bike/wrap/racing necessities.

Love to get some feedback on this!


Snappy, this sounds awesome. Are you able to provide some links etc so we can learn more about her? Guessing we want to keep this opportunity private for now though.


So for the moment we have things like this going (visibility in of PIVX brand in niches unrelated to crypto), and it’s good having people see the logo, but it’s not great.

So how can we make this kind of thing more of a benefit to PIVX overall? Let me make a suggestion for this case.

Let’s say we sort out a purple racing outfit and such to begin with, but not stop there. Once she’s sorted, let’s have her host (we’ll help organise of course) some kind of riding event people can sign up for and ride with her over some doable distance somewhere safe (like a bike trail along the beaches or through a national park or something). Entrants pay a small fee to participate, with the fee covering any expenses made necessary by councils, paying to get a photographer, and bringing the media out to cover the event. Make the event about her, and PIVX.

After completing the ride, participants are given an amount of PIV above (within reason) the amount they paid for entry, so they’re actually getting paid to participate, having a good time, and meeting and supporting this promising young athlete.

She gets sponsorship from us, exposure, and a chance to build up her fanbase.
We get exposure, and a chance to have people install the wallet who previously wouldn’t have considered it.
The fans get to make a little money, and a chance to meet someone they idolise.
All parties get some photos, and with any luck some attention from the mainstream media.

I think this is the way we should be handling this kind of thing to really squeeze the juice out of it.


Yup, great suggestions, and I believe she would be 100% onboard for this type of work.

She’ll need someone to coordinate with closely from PIVX. Currently, that is me - however, I would love for more folks/others to perhaps build a consortium of “PIVXsports” support folks, to be able to get details, prepare PR, blogs, updates, etc. Basically, work with the various entities that represent PIVX, keep the flow of information going, etc.

Really like the “workout with :)” aspect. I’ll go back to her on this.

Ok, next question: Do we wait and try and do a budget proposal, or start generating donations for this?


yup. Don’t want to let the proverbial cat out o the bag :slight_smile: . That said- I can share in confidentiality who it is if trusted folks want :slight_smile:


How about a sponsored ride to support some charity?

I have been working on putting together an Alliance with the Salvation Army in Greece, which is currently experiencing a huge refugee crisis at the moment, we could raise money to load up some wallets and give to these refugees as they are very likely to be Unbanked. It would also give us an opportunity to get a small foothold in Greece which I’m predicting will be the first place to really feel the collapse of the EU.

Just a thought (before I rage off topic)

Keep me posted whatever happens