Funding for PIVX - Tango governance portal (test site)


I have recently become aware of some amazing work being developed by a new-ish community member called ‘furniture’.

This new Governance portal was a proof of concept for the Tango governance proposal put forward by Turtleflax.

Tango was one of 3 proposals which are really the stand out contenders to become PIVX’s next step in decentralised governance. A step that could heavily mitigate our current Masternode dominated decision making process. The masternodes voted to remove their monopoly and its great to see that being progressed.

Here is the tango proposal :
here are the other prominent CDG proposals:

The Concept site is called Tango alpha and can be found here:
In brief it works by scanning the blockchain for the amount of staking payments an address uses, you can then use this weight to vote. Please note this includes masternode payouts also, so EVERYONE who is actively securing the network gets vote weight. this is slightly different to 1 piv 1 vote.

The site has already been built to alpha level without funding and can be tested right now at the above site. Please also be aware that the site will include a block explorer as well as methods to donate to certain predetermined addresses, that will allow us to easily fund projects that have passed masternode budget voting but have not been paid due to lack of funds.

I’m starting this discussion to get a feel of the level of support for paying this developer 3k PIV to include finding and hiring a front end developer to ‘pretty up’ the site.

Finally the site will be open sourced and the API is already available for anyone to use.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Barring any major derrailments I’m aiming to have this proposal live after next weeks superblock, ready for voting on in the second half of february.

Thanks for your time, looking forward to starting this discussion.


yes, yes, and yes.

Might also suggest on the site we attribute @turtleflax as well?


Thanks for the repping, and the vote of confidence.

RE: turtleflax, the first link on page is to his proposal ‘whitepaper’ on github. In giant H1 font. If I should do more than that, I totally will.