Grow pivx across central / south america & save lives in venezuela!


At this time in Venezuela their local currency has gone into hyper inflation where the official rate of inflation is 500% per year but in the real world, it is much higher.

People are spending back packs full of money to buy simple items like milk and bread. Soon it will be like it was in Germany after 1914 where it was cheaper to burn money rather than burn firewood. So what does this have to do with PIVX I hear you ask. Well for PIVX there is a golden opportunity to fix this issue.

The Venezuelan people are looking for a new currency to transact in. Just to buy the basics like food, gas and water.
They are starting to use Bitcoin but as we all know the transaction times of Bitcoin can take an hour so it is not ideal for shopping in the local market.

Pivx transactions are instant and now there is an Android wallet so people can transact person to person instantly. So my idea is this, someone in the Pivx community must Speak Spanish and be willing to create some videos explaining Pivx and the wallet. How to use it and where to get Pivx?

The way I see it we have a few subjects to cover.

What is Pivx
Where people can buy / get Pivx
How to send it.
How to receive it.
How to cash it out into another currency.

There are people starving in Venezuela, they are eating cats and dogs as there is no other access to food. The way I see it that if we jump in now, we can give the Venezuelan people a better and more stable currency to trade with, one outside government control and that is open to all. People can get paid in it and shop in it.


Warmest regards


If you like my idea, please spread the word and vote it up.
We can change the world if we work together. Any further input on this would be great.


We need folks to support/rally behind this. Thanks for putting it out there. Lets see who can come in to support this. The other thing is: we are working on translations of exsisting videos as well.


Hi, I have a friend from Venezuela that lives now in Barcelona, Spain and I am going to try to get him on board with regards to doing some videos in Spanish and covering the main points that people need to know about PIVX.

I have a video recording studio with video editing software, cameras, lights etc so I am sure we can make some videos that look decent and semi professional.

I have been contacted by a member of the PIVX community called @UnoffPIVXPromoter and he has some of the same sorts of Ideas about helping people from Venezuela.

So I guess… in conclusion @SnappySnap , If we come up with a valid plan, some good looking videos, a structure on how to promote them, will you post them on the PivxPress YouTube channel if they have English subtitles? Furthermore, if we needed to promote them in Venezuela on YouTube or social media is this something we can get funding from through PIVX?

Look forward to your reply.

Kindest regards

Roman Van Holdt


I think for SURE we can figure something out mate! Lets do this!


Hi @TommyPicklez , welcome to the Pivx community! As we have been chatting on Facebook with each other. I think that it is really good that we copy and paste all of our conversations here so we keep the proposal up to date otherwise there is a huge gap in the story.

Therefore as my first step, I have inserted below the video that I sent you through Facebook from YouTube asking for your help in this project explaining what Pivx is.


Hi @RomanVanHoldt :slight_smile:
Thank you for bringing this idea to me and for introducing me to PIVX and the world of Cryptocurrencies.
I think it would be an interesting idea to produce a group of videos in Spanish (and even English for that matter) that could help the average citizen understand what cryptocurrency is, how PIVX works and why exactly would someone use/need it; When you first contacted me I had no idea what the answers to these questions were, and the more I tried to search for an information source that I could comprehend quickly and easily, the more I realized that there is no easy way to explain all of this to someone who has no knowledge about PIVX or cryptocurrencies.
I find your idea to help the Venezuelan people with this project very well intentiones and interesting, unfortunately I wonder if it could really work, as some may know, buying different currencies in Venezuela is illegal, and for one to get USD or EUR one must apply for it through the government and it is a very difficult and limited process.
I still believe though that a lot of Spanish speaking markets like Spain or Mexico are very unaware of what PIVX and cryptocurrencies are and I believe we need to get the word out there. After all, the more people knowing, the more people participating in PIVX.
As I told you this week, I would be more than eager and willing to learn more about this project and possibly producing quality explanatory videos in Spanish (and/or English) about PIVX so that the market can expand.
Let’s see what the future brings!
Kind regards, Tommy


Hi Tommy , I totally agree that PIVX and crypto currencies need to be explained to the masses in as many languages as possible and in as simple way as possible.

You are not the only person I have introduced to Crypto currencies so far. I explained to my 73-year-old auntie she should start buying Bitcoin back in 2012 and how to. Plus I got my 62-year-old mother, 40-year-old brother and a number of friends on the crypto currency train a few years ago. In the words of my auntie, she said she has done “Very Well” out of it. So welcome to my Crypto Train. “Toot toot!”

So today PIVX tweeted something really interesting… It is their Marketing Mix for the year. They are missing people for positions that I feel would fit us perfectly. They are missing explainers and people to do Ads.

I have been making sales/explainers/advert videos for years on YouTube. Mostly for an online training platform that pays me a commission for my sign-ups but also a travel guide in Barcelona and for my uncle’s company that make synthetic lubricants. I would gladly repurpose my skills for PIVX. I was thinking about contacting the people at the top of PIVX and asking what the situation is regarding what they would be expecting from us, what we would have to do to prove ourselves and what the funding situation is like. After all, we all like to help out but you and I both have bills to pay.

I am going to link to a few videos that I have already made for other projects below then @ the people at the top of PIVX into this post for them to see. Tommy, there is an opportunity here to make PIVX grow HUGE via you in the Spanish speaking world and me and others in the English speaking world.

@crypto-ray @Lokesh8 , please read this post and / or the whole feed and see my list of previous explainer videos and other little projects I have done below.

“Please don’t judge my video skills on the on the video posted in this feed on the 16th August, that is just a private video to a friend.”

The first list of videos are all videos to promote a company that teaches people to setup online businesses so they can travel and work 100% online. Some are made with my partner Kay. I have put in a varied mix of types.

This list of videos are all travel guides for Barcelona and a travel blog.

This list of videos was put together for my uncle’s company website and online store. They make synthetic lubricants for the food industry.

You will notice I am not camera shy, even though I have a face for radio. Recently all my videos have been done in a borderless white room… This marketing technique was based 100% on the fact that I have a borderless white room. I can also do videos outside weather permitting. At this time I am living in the UK and we are not known for our amazing weather. However, I am a resident of Spain and will be going home soon so enough so I can record outside again.

Kind regards



I can certainly vouch for @RomanVanHoldt advice.


Thank you for your support. I would like to request @SnappySnap & @TommyPicklez read the post from yesterday.


Because this idea is growing and changing I have updated the proposal title to a better description.
Previous proposal name was “This proposal could save lives!”