Head of BizDev Round 3


Hey Pivians :slight_smile:

So, It has been a crazy couple of months here for PIVX. Lots of things happening on all fronts and things are getting exciting. The following is a list of current things Im working on :

2 Exchanges have been paid and are awaiting implementation. I actually just got the paperwork finalized with one of them a couple of days ago. One is a large exchange that is ranked on CMC – and the other is an exchange backed by a government, with full licensing.

In talks with 3 other exchanges. These have not been paid, and negotiations are ongoing. 2 of these are top 10 exchanges.

Negotiating with 2 wallets for listing. One is currently asking for way too much money, so negotiations are ongoing with them.

Exchange voting campaigns are in full swing. Netcoins and a couple others have voting open for addition.

Negotiations with 4 payment processors, focusing on 3 different geographic locations. One of which is the Numo integration. Another of which is Netcoins. These are a focus for me as I think usability is everything.

We were also listed on Paytomat as a payment option. We helped sponsor a TechCrunch event with them to help get the PIVX name and wallets out there.

Negotiating acceptance at a company in the gambling space, and 2 companies in the marijuana space.

UFC Athlete sponsorship. These have been some solid negotiations and I see a good outcome with this one :slight_smile:

Negotiations with a bitcoin ATM company to be listed on their ATMs.

Getting integrated into an Asian online ecosystem. This has some big names behind it and it should be really good for PIVX.

I worked very hard and with the help of a legal team, got PIVX a legal letter stating that we are not considered a security in the USA. This was a major help and ensured that we were not delisted from exchanges like Bittrex and others. It also opens us to potential listing on very large exchanges.

We have been listed on UIOEX in Korea and a couple smaller exchanges. We have also been added to some mining and staking sites.

We have also just been listed on Bithumb :slight_smile:

I know that some stages of these things have been slow to come to fruition, and some of the work such as the legal opinion have been mostly behind the scenes. Because we are working with very limited budget, we sometimes take backburner on exchange priority as some ICO’s have lots of money to burn so the exchanges list them first. Please know that I am working very hard, and keeping talks open with these exchanges to get us listed as soon as possible. Some will be happening sooner than others, but I assure you, they will happen.

I have received some great feedback from some community members. I appreciate all the help from people pointing me in the direction of exchanges or services they want to see us listed on. I look forward to keeping it purple and helping PIVX achieve all that it can.

My proposal will request the same as my last proposal. 3 months in length for 2000 PIVX a month.

Thank you,

John M
Head of BizDev


hash= 8addd47d750ebab310510639a458618a81cb55a5aac68dbd00d84ec30b25a609

“mnbudget vote-many 8addd47d750ebab310510639a458618a81cb55a5aac68dbd00d84ec30b25a609 yes” to vote in favor

“mnbudget vote-many 8addd47d750ebab310510639a458618a81cb55a5aac68dbd00d84ec30b25a609 no” to vote against

“mnbudget getinfo BizDev3” to check the status

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