Help a fellow Cryptofreak, donate! (Lost 1631 PIVX needed for handicapped wife.)



I don’t usually do this, but i have no other options…

About a week ago i had a powerfailure or powerspike, which fried my Seagate hybride (HDD/SDD) drive.
As it was my secondary drive, i only lost some data. Including my wallets, which except for PIVX i all backupped. I didn’t save it elsewhere, as it automatically makes wallet backups (but on the same drive and folder!) I never realised that ALL data could be corrupted, though…
Together with a data recovery firm i tried to recover a working wallet, but failed. A lot of other data was saved, as long as it was uncompressed and not encrypted like wallet.dat file is.

I lost 1631 PIVX, valued between 5000-6000 EURO, half of my savings!

Because it was intended for meds and support for my handicapped/disabled wife (car crash, 2 replaced knees, etc), i absolutely need them back. Or at least the value in fiat. (EUR).
The firm i worked at (reviewer) downsized, so i’m unemployed currently and no way to earn or save it back together myself or help to fullfill my ultimate goal: getting my wife her mobility back…

I’ve setup a GoFundMe campaign and here, the last one is for a modified Microcar which holds her wheelchair as well., so she can visit family and friends without help from me or others.

Please donate if you care and can.

You can deposit in Crypto as well, wallets:

D8GQ2zbLKuuCGcsVPQqyvsPVWgCahiLNDK (PIVX, new wallet of course)
8210755177093939515R (Rise)
XgcH4u2qaDpgtYnWZYnL8E1bMG4VNa1tqH (Dash)
1BdEgeA4CuE2AjnmRbRM7ceJ2tGN4osCUY (BTC)
XgcH4u2qaDpgtYnWZYnL8E1bMG4VNa1tqH (Dash)
0xF3eaa8708025d64d9EDE858B2a7454298bB107fE (ETH)

Progress of both campaigns will be updated @ GoFundMe.

Thanks for the support,

Andre Veenema

I can see the coins, but can’t manage or transfer them, etc. They are lost. Even PIVX(.org) support couldn’t help -via Slack-.