How do I find my Private keys?


Under tools go to Debug console

The console window will appear

Type into the command line…

dumpprivkey (paste your wallet address here leaving a space between the command and the address)

The wallet address looks similar to this “D5s2VyEFv5UZubxkb2ovac42Voy95f1ksQ
Wallet addresses start with D

Press “Enter” and then the wallet address and private key will appear in the console window

(this addresses and privkey are cropped in this example)
The privkey will start with Y

Remember to leave a space between the dumpprivkey command and the address

Write down, print and/or save the private key and you will be able to recover your funds from that address anywhere regardless whether you have lost your computer or password.

Each wallet address had a different private key so you must repeat this for each one.


Keep your funds safe…save your private keys

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If i just have the private key only, how do I add that to a new pivx app in case I lose my whole computer, wallet.dat, backups etc…?? thanks.


it doesn’t work man, it says

Method not found (code -32601)


The wallet public address can be derived from the private key


dumpprivkey doesn’t work in console. it says “Method not found (code -32601)” any help? I’m on a mac.


is there a space between dumpprivkey and the first " ??


yes dumpprivkey “D5qcPP36L2HDW8gnsPLKqw4szkrwmNn81s” I keep getting a message Method not found (code -32601)


you need to go to support. I only get the same error if I have no space after dumpprivkey


If you have an error, you might be inputting the incorrect string. This is the proper steps,
First, take your main D address and copy.
Second, open debug log.
Type: dumpprivkey (paste D address)
The output will be your private key.


If the wallet is unlocked for staking only, you can still see the dumpprivkey results. Am I right in saying if your computer is stolen so are your coins? How do you secure your wallet while staking?


You should not use quotes. I don’t use quotes in my dumpprivkey string for Dash and Pivx. Only
dumpprivkey Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


You should only stake while your server or node is secure. There is no easy way of protecting an unencrypted wallet from physical theft. Although if you have a screenlock and it was stolen, you could import your privkey into another wallet and move the funds before they were able to remove the password.


How do i find the tools column


Hello how do i find the tools column



is there a way to clear debug konsole window so once I checked my private key it cannot be checked while staking? If not do you reccomend getting another adress and not checking private key just backing up the wallet?


Ctrl and L at the same time will clear the debug console.


hello were can i find the tool column


hello were can i find the tool colunm?


It is a drop down menu, usually at the top of the window.