How to check if masternode is working and will receive payments


Although the Masternode Management Panel was added from PIVX Qt Wallet v2.1.3.2 onwards, it is still sometimes good to know the more in-depth check methods. So here is a list I made that covers most of the key checks that can be done to ensure your controller wallet and remote masternode is working well and will receive payments in due time. (a brand new masternode may take up to 4-5 days for its first payment)

The commands can be run from the debug console or at a command line depending on the wallet and OS.
You may need to add “./pivx-cli” (actual path may vary) in front of the mentioned command on linux.

  1. Check “masternode list-conf” from controller wallet. Ensure the status of the masternode says Enabled. What this means is that your TXID is still listed on the masternode payment list.(masternode list)
  2. Check “masternode list-conf” from controller wallet. Ensure the IP address matches up with your masternode’s IP address.
  3. Check “masternode status” from masternode wallet. Ensure it says “Masternode successfully started”.
  4. Check “masternode status” from masternode wallet. Ensure the IP address is matches up to the one in your controller wallet’s masternode.conf for that MN instance
  5. Check “masternode status” from masternode wallet. Ensure TXID matches the one in your controller wallet’s masternode.conf TXID for that MN instance. (or txHash from masternode list-conf)
  6. Check “masternode status” from masternode wallet. Ensure Pubkey matches the corresponding receiving address with the 10K PIV for that MN instance.
  7. Check masternode’s pivx.conf file. Ensure the privkey in the pivx.conf file matches the one in the masternode.conf of the controller wallet for that MN instance.
  8. Although I assume it is, the privkey mentioned above needs to be the one generated via “masternode genkey” from your controller wallet.
  9. Check “masternode list” output from both your masternode & controller. Just confirm that the last TXID matches up to ensure they are same.
  10. Check “masternode list” output from both your controller. Either find (or grep) the output and see if your masternode’s TXID is listed.


Good check list, need to update dor PIVX


Oh yeah. Forgot to change it. I’ve updated the post now to reflect its re-branding to PIVX.


Are the masternode payment made to the MN address or new minted address?


Masternode payment is made to the address that holds the 10K PIV as collateral. - Ubuntu 16.04 64bit - Masternode-Setup Guide
[Official] Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Your Own Remote Masternode

What if I don’t see TXID on either Controller or Masternode?

I see txHASH on controller, but that’s it.

Problem (running for 2-3 hours now)

Thank you


Yes, you’ll see the TXID as txHash in masternode list-conf output. It’s the same thing.

In the masternode, when you run masternode status, you’ll see the txHash in the brackets after COutPoint.




5 Days, 5 hours running, no payment. Everything is working as listed above.


We currently have approx 2200 masternodes so I think the initial payment time (due to the long queue) is approx 5-7 days… Just make sure that #10 in this check list checks out okay. If so, I expect you to get one real soon. :slight_smile:


8 days 16 hours not payment. Getting frustrated. I could have been staking all this time. Plus I ran it for 5 days before that before troubleshooting. So I’m 13.5 day out of no rewards.


OK, so, 9 days no payment. I think I know what the problem is. I’ve been using the IP address from my home network when I should be using the ip address I get from googling “my ip”


I did get paid. I had my ip address in the pivx.conf file wrong. It works now. Thanks!!


Please check this website:

You can monitor your MN every 15 min (as I know) and get alerts and notifications.


Hey, this is useful information!
But can something similar be done publicly and programatically, without access to the local wallet controlling the masternode and without RPC access to the remote masternode? A REST command maybe?


Just updated my masternode to 3.1.0
Now I get the node wallet gives this message:
“error: {“code”:-1,“message”:“Masternode not found in the list of available masternodes. Current status: Node just started, not yet activated”}”

My local wallet says:
“overall”: “Successfully started 1 masternodes, failed to start 0, total 1”,

  "alias": "nodebox1",
  "result": "successful"



Hi everyone!

We are pleased to announce that today we have added new features on our monitoring service such as:

  • Lastseen proactive monitoring
  • Display activetime for monitored MN
  • Protocol version check

The most exciting feature is lastseen proactive monitoring.
We are one of the first on the market to provide the possibility of proactive monitoring of masternodes based on lastseen time.
If your node has not been seen for over 30 minutes, a notification (Email / Telegram / Discord) will be sent to inform you, so that you have enough time to react before your node status changes to EXPIRED causing your rewards being lost.
For those who use our service - to configure proactive monitoring just click ‘Edit preferences’ for each monitored masternode - you will see additional option ‘lastseen’ and notifications to choose.

Soon we are going to add more interesting features.
Stay with us!