How'd you find PIVX? [Survey]


Hey everyone, seeing as we’ve been asking alot in Slack, how did everyone find out about PIVX? When?

Reddit? Word of Mouth? BTCTalk? Twitter? Instagram? Another coins forum?

We are just looking for data so we can better pinpoint ways to get new users faster, thank you!


  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • Another Slack
  • CoinMarketCap Ad
  • Twitter
  • BitcoinTalk
  • A friend told you
  • Found while trading Altcoins
  • Misc. (Please specify!)

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Hi All I have been interested in private Crypto coins since the rise of XMR, then i have joined Shadow slash, from where i was introduced to PIVX


Borris123 started spamming the Nexus Slack for us to check out DNET… and pulled half of the people there over. thanks Borris!


I got into PIVX (darknet) around March last year.
I think I read a tweet by @jakiman so I bought some.
After I bought them they tanked. Instead of giving up and selling at a loss I carried on buying all the way down.
What a good move that was!! :rocket:
Thanks @jakiman


Haha. Thanks for trusting my insight! Glad to see that my tweets do make some impact. :slight_smile:

I found DNET at launch day totally by luck while browsing for new coins BCT ANN forum while bored!


I knew the two co-founders and watched the progress into launching the coin. Two solid guys with high integrity. Great to see at the nucleus of a project.


I was invited by S3venhacks, We were chatting in another slack and he asked me to check out his new coin, I almost wrote it off because of the name, but when I learnt of the underlying tech and saw the current price 230k marketcap at the time, It was a no brainer.


While I was on another privacy-centric channel, a few guys… one being S3v3nh4cks were telling people to check out the Darknet rebrand. So I went to the new site and then to the PIVX slack channel and really dug the vibe.


Twitter. Having a look at your team I noticed Bill Cassidy is involved, so I’m in.


I heard about PIVX yesterday from an advertisement on coinmarketcap.


Among others ;]

Bill is on a vacation I guess right now who knows when well see him again lol but I’m sure hes lurking from time to time.

Welcome @dunedoo!


Well if you have any questions do not hesitate to post threads about them and we’ll get them answered ASAP.

Thanks for joining!


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Conheci através do The Dash Times


I saw the infographics comparing dash with pivx on Steemit. Dash was going up in price. Pivx is undervalued. Obviously, now is the time to join Pivx.


PIVX is undervalued why?


Accidentally, accidentally I have a YouTube channel, someone from subscribers asked to do a survey, I became interested and I was carried away by it


Someone on the Dash Nation slack channel mentioned PIVX and said it was a Dash clone. So, I thought I would come check it out.


I found PIVX accidentally while researching DASH - I loved the Cash Flow Concept from Masternodes, but saw that if you were a regular owner of DASH paying for Masternodes AND Mining Computing power, that’s highly devaluing… then I saw I could still get a Masternode with PIVX… and wait… they pay EVERYONE??? And they have huge community and are community-driven (the biggest long term dynamic to a cryptocurrency)??? SOLD.


I got into PIVX/Darknet because I was asked to fix it :innocent: