How'd you find PIVX? [Survey]


Github told me :wink: :sunglasses:


I don’t recall where I first saw a reference to Pivx… I was probably vaguely aware of it as a crypto currency from trawling through sites like worldcoinindex but I became more interested when I learned of the connection between Pivx and Dash. Finding out that Pivx also has hosted masternode services got me well and truly over the line. I still don’t know how much of the Pivx block reward goes toward developing the network or if there’s an equivalent to Dash’s proposal funding system and I’m very curious about the intention to integrate the Zerocoin protocol… Isn’t that going to involve an onerous amount of transaction computation?


I discovered DASH, read and didn’t like what I read, same day discovered PIVX, read and liked what I read, same day invested.


Thats the idea! Welcome to the family bro!


One of my friends told me when the price went up a few month ago. :slight_smile:


Heard PIVX mentioned on Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast a few weeks ago and became intrigued enough to do my own research.


Podcast & YouTube video both mentioned.


Everything I’ve ever learned about crypto–which isn’t a heck of a lot, has been through bitcointalk. For the life of me, I can’t remember how I learned about PIVX, but I’d become interested in PoS coins as a way of generating passive income, and PIVX looked like the most attractive coin. And it still does, and I’m happy I own some.